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What is Local SEO?

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Around 46% of the total Google searches feature local intent, and out of all the location-oriented searches, about 78% of searches are from potential customers. Backed by studies and analysis, the search engines weigh the search intent and revert to local search results for convenient and quick solutions for the customer.

All the statistics and studies prove the significance of local SEO as a variable that helps with gaining competitive advance. Hence, owing to the surge in proximity-based searches, businesses must avail of local SEO services and optimize geo-targeted searches. This has made a lot of businesses shift their focus toward building a successful Local SEO strategy. If you haven’t yet explored the wonders it can do to your businesses, let our experts shed some light on it.

Local services

Local SEO
Services By Savit

Attaining an authoritative and reputable online presence is difficult, but your business can achieve more visibility and growth by optimising your website for Local searches. We are the leading local SEO company and have gained expertise in developing powerful growth and result-oriented local SEO strategies that help drive qualified leads and traffic to your business website.

Local SEO distinguishes the digital presence of your business and transforms it for a specific region. Market requirements change from region to region; thus, a solid Local SEO is a practical solution for geo-targeted searches. To ensure visibility in local markets and ace the geo-targeted searches, it is significant to have the time of top experts by your side. Local SEO services from reliable SEO companies can help you grow by boosting your online presence and drawing customers to your doors. Join hands with Savit Interactive and gain exposure in all the relevant local searches.

Check out the list of
Local SEO services we offer

local seo audit
Local SEO

Our Local SEO service includes performing a thorough local SEO audit to understand the current status of the regional ranking. The local SEO audit also helps you learn actionable insights to establish a solid local SEO presence. By local SEO audit, we analyse your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) visibility and geo-location-based search, and google my business listing.

Keyword Research

We conduct extensive keyword research and analysis to ensure geo-specific strategies fit the search intent and industry-related requirements. Boost your local reach and drive targeted segments with our effective local SEO strategies.

Google my Business
Google My
Business SEO

Keep your Google My Business, also known as Google My Profile, updated with the latest and most accurate information about your brand. Manage your Google My Business and transform it for ideal local SEO implementation. Maintain a brand identity with consistency across all platforms and promote an error-free local presence to drive the local audience.

eCommerce SEO services
Customer Review

The experiences that your customers have with your brand are reflected in the reviews they leave online. Positive reviews can build an unmistakable trust factor for your business and can drive the decision-making process of your prospects. Through customer review management, we ensure that all your positive reviews catch the viewer's attention and increase your brand value.

local seo audit

Our local SEO service includes on-page optimization to ensure top rankings in search engine results in your region. Our team of experts use a unique approach to optimize your site pages and metadata with location-targeted keywords, create essential pages for specific regions, and manage social media.

content writing Services

We assure you of localized SEO-rich content to engage your target audience. Create, publish, and drive traffic to your business with our top-quality Content writing services. Our local SEO content writing services include thorough keyword research and optimization in content, guest blog posting, and site content optimization for specific locations. We curate compelling and relatable quality content to ensure increased traffic and higher sales results.

Here’s why your
business needs Local SEO

We all know how search engines become our ultimate guide every time we plan to head out. Regardless of the activity, whether shopping, eating, or leisure activity, we have become reliant on the results and questions that end with “......near me.” Also known as geo-targeting, the results of these questions are analysed through Local SEO. Local SEO enables the business to rank at the top of the search results of their local customers.

local seo
  • Improved sales and revenue
  • Optimized google my profile
  • More physical traffic
  • Authoritative online reputation
  • Robust local community reach
  • Top ranking in the search engine results
  • Better Google maps visibility

A prominent approach towards optimizing a website for local visibility, a robust Local SEO strategy implementation also ensures traffic in physical stores. It is also an effective way to maximize revenue, as the leads from Local SEO are generally active searchers, making them potential buyers of products and services offered by your business.

Outrank your competitors in the local
market with our Local SEO Service

Savit Interactive, as one of Singapore's leading Local SEO agencies and companies, helps you streamline a solid and effective strategy that outperforms your competitors on the local search results. We at Savit Interactive understand the importance of trust, credibility, and search engine rankings. Thus, to ensure top ranking in the search engine results, implementation of a solid and effective strategy by our team of SEO Experts include transforming GMB profile, optimization of business websites, and Local SEO techniques. The result-driven approach helps your business establish brand authority and gain customer trust and loyalty for the long term.

Our SEO experts conduct thorough research and analysis to discover the local keywords best suited for your industry. Apart from that, we at Savit Interactive also enforce keyword strategies in alignment with the user's intent, demand, and geo-target searches to enhance the interaction of social media platforms and search engines. Moreover, this strategic implementation of keywords also ensures increased traffic on both physical and digital ends. It boosts sales, increases credibility, and positively impacts the business in the long run.

With years of experience and domain expertise, we have not left any stone unturned to deliver the best in SEO. Being in the industry for decades, we have gathered enough domain knowledge to help you with the right strategy and ensure better results. Our unique approach to Local SEO services has paved the way to success for numerous businesses.

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Does Google My Business
Impact Local SEO?

google MY business

Google My Business is the critical element of Local SEO. It is a great way to get your brand to rank up in local searches. Google My Business enables search engines to verify the authenticity of your brand. It is crucial for every business; hence every business owner should capitalize on it.

In local SEO packages, Google My Business profile makes a considerable difference - eventually dictating your online presence. It is a valuable tool for location-based firms such as retail stores, bars, packers, mover's companies, doctors, homes, law firms, restaurants, surgeons, grocery stores, and pharmacies.

local shopping cart

Here’s why prioritizing Google My business
profile boosts Local SEO significantly

GMB allows businesses to manage their brand information presented on search engines and google maps to provide valuable assistance to the potential customers reached via an online search. As a business owner, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity that GMB provides to appear on Google search results. Our team of experts optimizes and updates your GMB page periodically and manages all other crucial aspects of SEO - so that you can instantly see the benefits of Local SEO.

Google my business website

How optimizing your Google my business enhances local SEO?

  • Boosts brand recognition
  • Makes accurate business information available
  • Promotes Engagement
  • Enhances digital credibility
  • Drives traffic and qualified leads
  • Great for targeted exposure
  • Build customer trust and manage reputation

Savit Interactive strives to harness the power of local SEO to promote your business to potential customers in particular locations and diverse markets.

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Local Search engine optimization is a strategy that enhances your brand's visibility and makes it rank higher in the local search engine results. A location-specific business can implement Local SEO strategies and grow their business with geo-target keywords.

Local SEO includes NAP citations, optimization of Google my business profile, online reviews management, google map star rating and management, keywords in online reviews, location-based geo-targeted keywords, search intent optimization, and social media optimization.

The primary difference between SEO and local SEO is its geo-targeted keyword ranking and optimization. Where SEO focuses on enhancing a site’s visibility nationally, optimizing by using local SEO strategies helps you grow in a specific location and ensure traffic from your business operating region or territory.

Local SEO is effective in enhancing the visibility of business in a specific location. It helps improve conversion rates and drive traffic to physical and online stores. Local SEO caters to the queries of active searchers, reducing the chances of missing potential customers and increasing sales gradually.

Businesses intending to reach a local audience and penetrate local markets should use local SEO and outrank competitors by driving traffic to the physical and online stores. Local SEO is also ideal for location-specific businesses.