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Time is money. Save the hours you’d otherwise have to spend on maintaining the website yourself and leave it to the experts to look after your site.

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For your businesses to grow on online platforms it is important to protect your website from hackers and malwares. We are here for website support and maintenance.

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We understand the importance of time and its flexibility to help you focus more on your business needs.

Work with one of the Leading Website
Maintenance Companies In India

We have an extensive experience of over 18 years in website designing and maintenance. We have a team of web development experts that takes the responsibility to fix every issue and maintain your website so that you can focus more on your business.

Our client-centric approach has helped us to win thousands of clients' trust for website maintenance services. From designing to development and maintenance, whatever your requirement is, we’ve got your back.

Why should you update
your website very often?

Website Repair Services

By letting professionals at Savit handle your website you can allow your in-house teams to use that time to focus on your core business, and operate your business seamlessly.

  • Improve SEO Ranking
  • Boost User Experience
  • Website Security & Protection
  • Boost Online Presence
  • Increase Website Speed

How the experts at help
you maintain your website

Website Survelliance
and Security Maintenance

Surveillance and security maintenance of websites has become an important aspect of online visibility. Keeping your website up-to-date and updating it on a regular basis to keeps it virus-free, fast loading, secure, and stable.

  • Programming and Plugin Updates.
  • Periodic Security Survey.
  • Timely Offsite Cloud Backups.

Website Repair

Online platforms are evolving rapidly and you need to keep your website updated at all times to cope up with that change. We understand your security concerns and help you to protect your website when you are not able to pay more heed to it every time. Keeping it updated is one of the best ways to resist any attack.

  • Continuous Malware Scanning
  • Website Uptime Surveillance
  • Monthly Website Performance Report

Our Website
Upgradation Services

Changing technologies need updates frequently. Similarly, your website needs to stay updates with the technology to maintain the security and performance of your website. Not staying updated with the tech updates might threaten your website security.

Updating website software’s on-time saves your website from hackers or attackers. Website program updates regularly reduce the chances of security threats. Not accepting these updates is an open invitation to hackers or any type of viruses or malware.

For your visitors, nothing matters more than their onsite experience. Make sure your website is updated with the latest applications that maximize your site's speed and performance. This would help you to maintain your customer consistency and SEO.

Stay updated with your current technology as it enhances the functioning of your website. Use a better operating system, SEO, content, and several other tools to be on top ranking and trustworthy websites.

How our Website
Maintenance Service works?

  • Step 1 : Our team of experts at Savit analyze your website and take heed to issues related to security or programming and take required action or update your plugins if workable.
  • Step 2 : Before transferring your website our professionals assess data fidelity and make sure all your data is imitated and installed properly. Transferring data is one of the most time-consuming part of it.
  • Step 3 : Next step is to test the transferred data and make sure everything is migrated properly as expected. Reviewing data is a time-consuming task but it's better to review it at that moment properly instead of discovering it later.
  • Step 4 : It’s time to change DNS and live your website. Our team of experts update your website during midnight or low traffic hours for the change.

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Over the course of 18 years, we have helped our clients to get upto 20x ROI.

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Updating the website regularly with latest updated rolled help to ensure that the website is running at its full capability and is available to its visitor quickly and hence ensuring website security, error free indexing by search engine, boost returning traffic and many more

Every website needs web maintenance services. A website helps the user to understand who its target market is and hence, it is expected to keep itself updated and well-maintained with the new technologies and updates.

Maintenance times can vary greatly. Sometimes a site might be down for only a few minutes. Other times it could be an hour or two, or even longer.

Maintaining your website ensures a consistently modern, relevant, and high-performing tool for connecting with consumers. Keeping your website updated and maintained can take many hours of work throughout the year, but they are definitely worth it for a better search engine ranking of your website.