SEO Tools: 7 Tools That Can Help Your Business Drive More Traffic

SEO Tools

Search engines account for a good chunk of traffic to your websites. A robust search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is necessary to bring in reliable traffic. It takes a lot of work to manage an SEO strategy. Therefore, you need SEO tools to aid you with various areas of your campaign.

To manage your SEO campaigns, here’s a compilation of helpful e-commerce SEO tools:

Tool #1: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the first item on our list of the top SEO tools. Google Analytics gives you information on the volume of organic traffic your website receives and the behavior of visitors. You can use this tool to determine the sources of and the campaigns behind the traffic to your website. All you need is a Google account to view Google Analytics. Many crucial pieces of information can be tracked when you log into your Google Analytics account, including:

What drives traffic to your site?

  • Audience Characteristics
  • User activity on your website
  • Conversion received
  • Purchasing behaviour
  • Checkout actions

This application is useful for assisting you in comprehending how users interact with your website so you may enhance the buying experience in your e-commerce store to increase sales. For instance, you check Google Analytics and discover that many people visit your site as a result of your Google Ads. Once visitors get on the page, you might discover that they leave quickly, leaving you with a poor conversion rate and a high exit rate. You may infer from this data that they aren’t converting for some reason on your page. You may, therefore, optimize your page to generate more conversions.

Tool #2: Google Page Speed Insights

Google Page Speed Insights is the next item on our list of SEO tools for e-commerce sites. Did you know that over $2.6 billion in annual revenue is lost due to slow-loading websites? If your website loads slowly, it won’t appear in search results, and you won’t get visitors. In this case, Google Page Speed Insights may be helpful. With this tool, check the current load times for your site on desktop and mobile devices.

This program also offers advice on how to speed up a slow-loading site and how much time you will save by implementing these improvements. Using this tool can help you speed up your website, improve user experience, and keep leads interested in your page. You will raise your site’s position in search results as an aftermath.

Tool #3: Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the next item on our list of SEO tools for e-commerce. You must optimize your website with pertinent keywords if you want your pages to appear in search results. You can use Google Keyword Planner to find the best keywords for your website. With the help of this keyword tool, you may come up with queries and keyword suggestions for your content and keyword modifiers. To identify trustworthy key terms for your website, you can quickly export your keyword list and begin sorting through the results. You can assist your company in locating reliable keywords and optimize your website to appear higher in search results by using this keyword tool.

Tool #4: Screaming Frog

Next on the list of the top SEO tools for e-commerce sites is Screaming Frog. It is a fantastic tool for aiding in analysing your SEO tactics. You can use this tool to analyse the SEO of your website in order to make changes and get better results. Screaming Frog searches your website and analyses several SEO factors to pinpoint places that need work. This device aids you in:

  • Looking for broken links.
  • Examine your meta descriptions and title tags.
  • Produce XML sitemaps.
  • Finding duplicate content.

This tool is useful for assisting you in enhancing the SEO of your website because all of these qualities affect SEO.

Tool #5: AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic is one of the Best SEO tool for e-commerce companies. With the help of this application, you can determine what your clients are looking for online in relation to your sector. So, how does this relate to SEO? Well, creating content is one of the essential SEO elements. Content marketing is a crucial component of any SEO strategy as it enables you to attract targeted traffic to your website. Your SEO plan aids in the positioning of your content in search results. You may increase traffic to your website for your business by producing material frequently. Not to mention, developing evergreen content aids in maintaining a steady and consistent flow of visitors to your website.

In conclusion, producing high-quality content might assist you in obtaining additional traffic and gradually raise the volume of visitors to your website. You can run out of ideas as you begin to produce material. AnswerThePublic can be helpful here. You can see a visual breakdown of the many categories of terms people in your industry search for, thanks to AnswerThePublic. Using this program, you may find new content to write by identifying long-tail keywords.  

As a result, you can easily produce content that attracts targeted traffic to your website thanks to the constant flow of content ideas that will come to you. Are you looking for a free method of coming up with content ideas? To help you develop even more content ideas for your plan, try out the free tool FAQFox!

Tool #6: Marketing CloudFX

MarketingCloudFX is an excellent application for managing and comprehending website traffic so you can tweak your SEO tactics. You can observe how leads arrive at your site and which pages they visit with the aid of MarketingCloudFX. Additionally, you can learn what advertising strategies encourage customers to call your company or fill out forms. Even better, you can monitor changes to your search engine exposure as well as your term usage and ranks. This tool can show you whether your e-commerce SEO methods successfully bring traffic to your website or whether your strategies need improvement.

Tool #7: SpyFu

There are other people competing for the top positions when you try to rank in search results. To get quality leads to their website, dozens of rivals are vying for these slots in the search results. SpyFu is necessary if you want to keep up with the SEO tactics of your opponents. You can spy on your rivals using SpyFu to learn more about their SEO tactics.

You can see details such as:

  • The keywords they employ
  • How many natural keywords do they employ
  • How many clicks do their keywords generate
  • If they are using Google Ads

You may enhance your SEO approach by learning what your competitors are doing to perform better in search results than them.

The Best SEO tool for your company.

Your SEO strategy is centered on boosting your company’s position in search results so you can attract more targeted visitors to your website. You should rely on SEO tools to manage your campaign because SEO is significant. What if you require more support than that, though? This is where a company offering SEO & e-commerce SEO services can be useful.

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