Google’s September 2023 Helpful Content Update 

Google September 2023 helpful content update

Google completes implementing the September 2023 Helpful Content Update, revising its guidelines for AI and third-party content.  


  • A Google upgrade in September 2023 will alter the guidelines for the Helpful Content System.   
  • The update alters the guidance on hosting AI content and third-party content.   
  • Google provides updated instructions for earning traffic after a Helpful Content Update.   

The September 2023 Helpful Content Update took place between September 14 and September 28, and the rollout is now completed.   

According to Google, this version contains a better classifier. It makes numerous essential adjustments to the Helpful Information System, which was created to elevate information that prioritises people’s needs over that designed for search engines.  

What You Need to Know About Google’s Useful Content System

In order to rank websites based on the caliber and utility of their data, Google’s Helpful Content System collaborates with other systems.   

In September 2023, Google revised the system’s guidelines and documentation, giving new advice for users who have observed a drop in traffic.  

Essential alterations in the September 2023 Update

Three significant modifications to the guidelines for the Helpful Content System were introduced in the September update:  

  1. Modifications to the machine-generated content guidelines  
  1. New guidelines exist for hosting external content on subdomains or the primary domain.   
  1. Additional advice on what to do if website traffic declines following the update of helpful content  

Modified Advice Regarding Automated Content

Google’s former stance on machine-generated content implied a preference for human-created content; this stance has since been reversed. The revised policies signal a change in Google’s perception of AI-generated material, making it more in line with other guidance on producing useful content.  

Hosting Content from Third Parties

The common practice of hosting third-party content on a website’s primary domain or subdomain has been addressed in the update. The September 2023 upgrade may have a detrimental effect on websites that host third-party content, the upgrade may have a negative impact on websites that host third-party content despite some website owners claiming to the contrary that the ranking power of the primary site may benefit the content on subdomains.   

Google now advises prohibiting third-party material from being indexed if it is primarily unrelated to the main site’s aim or was produced without direct oversight.  

New Self-Assessment Instructions

New advice has been added to Google’s Helpful Content Self-Assessment guidelines. Some improvements include focusing on the review procedure, caution against inaccurate page updates, and a warning against adding or removing information to appear “fresh” in search rankings.   

Google’s Gary Illyes shares his opinions on the Update

Gary Illyes of Google emphasized the problem with micro-sites while addressing background statistics on the upgrade. Illyes remarked that these unauthorized third-party sites frequently influence search results rather than offering valuable content because they are hosted on subdomains or subdirectories.  

In response to a query regarding sitewide signals, Illyes said that various signals, such as URL, pattern, host, and domain, act at multiple levels.  

Recovery After a Helpful Content Update 

The update concludes by providing new guidance to those who have been affected by a Helpful Content Update. Google advises that unhelpful content be found and removed or replaced on these websites.   

Google now advises that it’s essential to identify useless content on your website so you can either update it or remove it. Your content should be helpful and reliable and with the help of using the right SEO services can boost your website’s visibility. 

To sum up 

The conclusion of the September 2023 Helpful Content Update is a new development in Google’s ongoing quest to preserve the worth and accuracy of search results. To optimise their search rankings effectively, website owners and SEO specialists must react to these changes.