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What are LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn Ad is a paid marketing tool that offers access to LinkedIn social networks with various methods and sponsored posts. This powerful marketing tool has proved to be useful for B2B companies to build online recognition, generate leads, share content, and many other tasks. Companies use LinkedIn ads to grow in the professional market and create their unique brand identification, which helps promote their presence on the platform.

The opportunity to increase sales, hire talented people, and be part of an industry’s social media presence, as LinkedIn ads provide many benefits to companies.

How can LinkedIn
help your brand grow?

To grow your brand online, we build and implement a strong marketing strategy. LinkedIn ads have the potential to build a sustainable and trustworthy brand on the platform in the professional markets. Every business should include a B2B marketing strategy for building an online presence in the B2B markets. All your marketing strategies will work out if your brand is trustable and has strong expertise online. Read ahead to know more about how LinkedIn Ads can prove to be a boon for your business.

LinkedIn ads service

LinkedIn Campaigns :

For instance, by being present on LinkedIn, there are chances of increased organic searches on Google as well as improving your search ranking as people start noticing and researching your brand and the content you have created. LinkedIn campaigns can be used for job recruitment, services, ads, lead generation, product sales, increasing visibility, and promoting content. At Savit, there are many marketing solutions offered for brands so they can benefit from LinkedIn and expand their online reach. While compared to other ad platforms such as Google or Facebook, LinkedIn’s main capability is to benefit and efficiently target working professionals in a specific industry.

Lead Generation :

LinkedIn is a handy and powerful tool to generate B2B leads for increasing your connections and sales. We use the platform to target the right professional demographics which can match your audience for gaining high-quality leads, which makes it the best opportunity for every business. LinkedIn ads offer a solution for getting good quality leads at scale, regardless of sales, reach, recruitment or whatever the final goal of an advertising campaign is.

LinkedIn lead generation
Linkedin Ads

Boost the number of quality leads via lead gen forms:

We choose a conversion campaign and lead gen forms that can help drive more leads for your brand through LinkedIn advertising. These lead gen forms are usually found as pre-filled forms attached to your LinkedIn advertising campaigns and are available for message ads and sponsored content. This helps improve the conversion rate of your lead generation campaigns as they are easy to interact with and provide a seamless experience for the customers.

How do we Target LinkedIn ads?

We target your LinkedIn Ads by specifying location, designations, industry, level of education, and much more. This is a unique way of targeting with which brands can receive maximum benefits of a unique spin for online advertising, which is purely for professional needs. Access to high-quality audiences is difficult in other advertising channels. So, below are some of the ways in which we use LinkedIn Ads for your brand.

Test with targeting options and audiences

To find the right balance of targeting options and proper audiences for your goals and campaigns, we test multiple variables in your audience to spot what works best for your brand. We start with two similar campaigns and only change the variables within the targeting to find what targeting options are the best for your shortlisted goals. To stay at the top, we keep improving your performance and testing the new variables along with the past targeting options that have won.

Targeting audience
Matched audience

Matched Audiences and Custom Targeting

We target a set of your audience through matching audiences, enabling you to advertise massively. Depending on your marketing goals, we can reach audiences that will help you increase your conversion rates and can help in click-through rates. The matching audiences help to use the data, which builds a robust goal-based retargeting campaign. This includes account targeting, website retargeting, and contact targeting.

LinkedIn Ads Formats

We use multiple advertising formats on LinkedIn that are built around your marketing objectives. The main point of creating a successful LinkedIn Ads campaign is to find the best ad format for every goal. The following are the combinations of strategies that have helped us achieve spectacular results.

  • Matching content to targeting
  • Clear Call-to-Actions
  • Promote your business profitably
  • Constant testing of combinations of ads formats
  • Offer value and quality, which gives a reason for a long read or click.
LinkedIn ads

Start measuring and optimizing conversion metrics with us

When you are testing out different marketing strategies and hopping onto trends to generate leads, traffic or growth, it also becomes essential for you to measure and keep track of all the statistics and metrics. On LinkedIn, ads are native to the social platform as ads are usually seen in users’ feeds as promoted. Sponsored content ads can be seen in user feeds, and they can be clearly shown as promoted content. The experts at Savit Interactive can achieve impressive results from your ads and take you a few steps closer to your marketing goals.

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  1. Be clear on the objective (consideration, awareness, or conversions)
  2. Select the targeting criteria
  3. Choose an ad format (dynamic, sponsored message, or text ads)
  4. Set up an ad budget
  5. Keep track of your ad’s success.

When you start creating a sponsored content campaign, a forecasting tool helps in showing you several members your target audience contains and your potential reach. A standard amount of target should be a minimum of 300,000 LinkedIn users. You can also aim for 500,000 or more if you can. An excellent approach to strategic marketing and trends is a test-and-learn approach.

The Sponsored Content will be frequently displayed on the homepage feed. It also depends on your target audience, budget values, bid, and how competitive your campaign or ad is compared to the other advertisements in the system.

It depends on the goals you would like to achieve. If we are trying to check the effect of our campaigns on engagement or clicks, we will run the tests within the same campaign. Although, if we want to track conversions, we will run separately as we need to enter two separate URLs in Salesforce.

We keep a keen eye on the performance from an engagement and conversion rate perspective. When the ad starts showing signs of reaching its maximum potential, we take measures to put fresh and more innovative content on the site.