Instagram Analytics: The Complete Guide for 2024 

instagram analytics guide for 2024


One of the most essential steps in developing your social media presence and audience is posting content on Instagram. However, in order to be successful, you must ascertain whether your followers are connecting with your content. Instagram analytics can help with that. Examining your Instagram stats is a wonderful place to start if you want to expand your account. You can better target your audience, develop your content strategy, and accomplish your objectives when you have analytics on your side.  

You may improve the relevance, reach, and engagement of your Instagram strategy by evaluating the performance of your social media content. This comprehensive blog will cover the fundamentals of Instagram analytics, important platform metrics, and advice on how to use Instagram data analysis to enhance your social media approach. After reading this blog, you will have everything you need to know to get started with your Instagram marketing for your brand.    

Importance of Instagram to business   

Businesses may use Instagram to increase sales, establish and monitor audience engagement, and increase brand awareness. It’s a great approach to locate clients in their existing locations. Along with offering valuable audience insights, it can support all of the strategies in your marketing plan. Building successful Instagram marketing strategies is more crucial than ever for businesses as the platform continues to develop and change.  

At present, Instagram is one of the most important marketing platforms. There are about 700 million active Instagram users each month. More than eight million businesses have already registered and created accounts on this platform. Additionally, there are more than 500 million active users on this social networking platform every day. Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks, and users spend up to four hours a day on it. Instagram has a fair amount of shares for your ideal customer. Even if your business is small or local, you may still engage with customers on social media.  

What Are Instagram Analytics and Why Do They Matter?  

The greatest approach to learning about your audience’s demographics, peak engagement times, and favourite kinds of content is through Instagram analytics. You are basically operating in the dark without it when it comes to developing a content strategy that works for your brand or company.  

Choosing the appropriate metrics to monitor and understand how to interpret them can be challenging.  

Since every brand and company has different objectives (ranging from gaining more followers to getting more clicks), the most crucial metrics vary from one situation to another. However, as soon as your objectives are clear, you will be able to get far more out of your Instagram analytics because your social media reporting will have specific targets to keep an eye on.  

10 Crucial Instagram Metrics to Track in 2024  

It can be challenging to determine which Instagram metrics to monitor if you are new to the world of data and analytics. Once you are up to speed, though, you can see how revolutionary it may be for your brand’s growth to comprehend and analyse these ten metrics:  


The number of distinct accounts that have viewed your content indicates the level of visibility and importance you are acquiring.  

Engagement rate  

The result of this calculation indicates the proportion of your fan base that has engaged with your content. Your engagement rate will demonstrate whether or not your followers are leaving comments, liking, saving, and sharing your content.  


The number of clicks your website, call to action, and Instagram Stories link stickers generate can be a goldmine for learning about what inspires and motivates your audience.  


Shared content is a highly useful measure that shows how many times a post was shared on Instagram with another user.  


How many times has someone bookmarked your post?  

Watch through rate  

Your video watch-through rate of reels and Instagram stories tell you what proportion of users are stuck with your content all the way through.  

Audience growth  

You can see exactly how many followers you earn and lose each day on Instagram thanks to its “followed” and “unfollowed” analytics.  

Instagram Reels engagement  

Comparable to your total engagement rate but focused on measuring the interactions and plays within your Reels.  

Instagram Stories views  

There will be unique stats for every narrative slide uploaded to Instagram, such as navigations, impressions, and replies. You may find out what keeps your audience interested, what they return to, and what makes them leave your content by analysing the data for each story slide.  

The best time to post  

If you post on Instagram at the time that works best for you, more people are likely to notice your posts and interact with them. You can expand your Instagram community and customise your content strategy by learning what interests your followers. You can use the optimum Time to Post function to find the exact optimum time to schedule content for your account.  

Ways to Find Instagram Insights and Analytics in 2024  

It’s a fact that Instagram growth is a gradual process. You will need some powerful Instagram analytics tools on your side if you want to witness a boost in followers, engagement, and sales on the platform.  

These two will help you get going:  

  • Instagram Analytics   
  • Instagram Insights  

Instagram Tool #1: Instagram Analytics    

Instagram Analytics tool is your new best buddy if you want to boost traffic, optimise stories and Reels, and enhance interaction. In case you are unfamiliar, Instagram Analytics provides an intuitive dashboard with a visual summary of your posts’ performance.  

There are various Instagram analytics tools in the market with which you can monitor Instagram analytics for up to a year and filter by important metrics like likes, reach, comments, and more to determine precisely what’s performing best.  

Additionally, you may access your Instagram audience data to find out the demographics, location, and peak activity times of your audience. All of these are useful markers to help you fine-tune your Instagram posting plan.  

Additionally, Hashtag Analytics tools will be available to you, allowing you to monitor important hashtag statistics, such as a breakdown of which hashtags are most effective at generating likes, comments, saves, and reach for your Instagram posts.  

Note: Only Instagram Business and Creator profiles have access to Instagram Analytics.  

Are you prepared to begin monitoring your performance more effectively? Explore the Instagram Analytics dashboard or create an account with one of the Instagram analytics tools available in the market.  

Instagram Tool #2: Instagram Insights  

There is a tonne of helpful information in Instagram Insights, the free native analytics tool. Instagram Insights contains all the information you need, whether you are seeking for statistics about your Instagram audience or information on particular posts.   

Note: You must first switch to an Instagram Business or Creator account in order to use the feature. Analytics for content produced after you have switched are the only ones you will see.  

After completing that, select “Insights” by tapping the menu button in the upper right area of your Instagram profile. This will take you to a page that summarises the analytics for your account. Numerous analytics, such as accounts reached, accounts engaged, and total followers, are available for viewing here. Tap the drop-down menu in the upper left corner to view specific post-performance and filter by time (up to 90 days) to gain a deeper understanding of how your content is connecting with users.  

This is a fantastic approach to obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the content that has performed the best over a predetermined amount of time, which can guide your strategy.  

TIP: To view stats for a particular Instagram post, open it and press the “View Insights” button in the lower left corner.  

How to Use Instagram Analytics in 2024 to Track and Report  

There are a plethora of Instagram metrics that you can monitor and analyse; however, it might not be the best use of your time to attempt to address them all. It’s usually more effective to have a clear understanding of your brand objectives and the important Instagram metrics that will support achieving them. After your objectives are clear, it’s beneficial to compile a social media report so you can monitor your progress in an easily readable and visually striking manner.  

Why? You may expand on your performance in the future by tracking your Instagram analytics over time to gain a deeper knowledge of the kind of content that is most effective. Try a variety of strategies and content kinds to find what works. The results might leave you surprised positively.   

Measure your Instagram performance right now to build a strong Instagram page for your business.   
Enhance Your Social Media Content with the Help of Social Analytics  

Instagram is not an exception to social media’s ongoing changes and evolution. Keep a close eye on the above-mentioned Instagram analytics to have a deeper understanding of the kind of content that engages your audience in order to produce more of it.  

Reviewing your top and lowest-performing posts on a regular basis will help you stay on top of things. With this method, you will be able to adapt to trends and improve your social media strategy quickly. Social Analytics tools make it simple to monitor stats across all of your social media accounts.   

In Conclusion:  

Having an Instagram marketing strategy is imperative for the success of your business campaign. Owing to this, having a complete knowledge of Instagram Analytics is even more crucial. You will be able to track the development of your profile and content by checking Instagram Anal frequently. Instagram’s free built-in analytics tool is called Instagram Analytics. All Instagram business accounts have access to it.   

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