How To Plan Your SEO For 2022?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a blueprint of SEO that you can implement for ranking your business in the search engines?  

As you are about to enter 2022, it is essential to reflect upon your strategies and vis-a-vis competitors to help your site rank better. 

To market your business you need to have strong and valuable SEO marketing strategies that will expand your online business presence. 

As the year is coming closer towards the end, SEO experts are expecting that there will be tough competition for ranking. Hence one has to ensure that the right set of strategies is implemented to rank higher. 

Now, you might be thinking, is that all it takes to get on top of the Google rankings? NO! Absolutely NO! 

You need to plan and prepare an SEO strategy and keep yourself updated with the trends that will aid you in helping your site rank better. 

In this blog, we will share with you some insights to plan your SEO for 2022. 

How to plan your seo in 2022

Focus on Your Page Experience

For the last two years, we have noticed how online businesses have skyrocketed in the market. Offering the best customer experience is now a top priority for any SEO company. The smoother the experience, the more likely customers are to engage with it. 

As per the Google Algorithm, the user experience of the website is the most important factor. It majorly focuses on page load time, the number of redirects, size of images etc will affect your page experience. 

Google ensures that checking the core web vitals enhances the page experience and solves the issues related to the same. 

Update Your Existing Content

Content is the real king and there’s no denying it. Most individuals and SEO agencies fail to understand how relevant content is the main hook to keep your audience engaged. 

One has to ensure that the SEO content you put up on the website should be engaging. It should have targeted keywords and audience as per every page.  

Haven’t you heard about how everything is always evolving? It certainly applies to the content you publish. Keep updating your content with the latest information and bring your statistics game on point. 

For 2022, plan the content that truly rules among your customers. Updating the content with the focused keywords will help in improving the ranking which will lead to more traffic and thereby generate revenue. 

Technical SEO – Forever Brewing Trend 

You will come across multiple blogs and articles conveying the newest and result-driven methods. But, you cannot miss out that technical SEO is here to stay. It’s the foundation on which businesses thrive upon. 

If you don’t have the right technical SEO knowledge, there’s a fraction of the chance for your websites to rank. 

So many SEO companies out there are missing out on technical SEO. It might seem tricky to maintain the technical SEO task, but you can make your technical backend strong with the right set of experts. 

Always lookout for the issues like:

Crawl budget efficiency on your log files

  • Load times

  • Broken URL structures

  • Pages without HTTPS

  • 404 error pages

  • XML Sitemaps issues

  • Outdated or missing URLs.

Start Focusing on Voice Search for Your Website

Voice search is a strong trend for the future of SEO in 2022 and upcoming times. Consumers are already keen on and love the voice search feature on their phones. 

Be it Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri – they certainly have changed the dimension of voice search services. It’s recommended to start optimizing the Make sure that your website is voice-search optimized. The advent of smart speakers is changing the definition of voice search. 

Optimizing the voice search is all about bringing conversational content to the audience. The best way is to write it more casually and naturally without stuffing the keywords. Here are some ways you can enhance voice search:

  • Add FAQs on your website

  • Add keywords organically in the content to elevate your rankings

  • Offer content that genuinely answers the queries of the audience

  • Write the headings and subtitles in question format

Prepare Your Website for the Mobile World

There is a possibility that you are scrolling this blog through your phone. 90% of internet users access the websites through their phones. 

In 2018 Google rolled out an update for the mobile-first index. Ever since then, SEO companies have been trying to up their mobile-friendly interface. 

Did you know that if you have a mobile or desktop version of your website, Google will prioritize the mobile? The bot will crawl the mobile version and decide the ranking on the Google page. 

We recommend you to get ASAP a responsive and dedicated mobile site to gain better prospects. 

Optimize Your Keywords for Semantic Search 

Semantic search means the study of words and their relationship to the contexts. In 2022, it is ideal for focusing on delivering the best user experience through the site. 

To optimize your semantic search, there are multiple ways to opt like: 

  • Write for your users and not search engines. Help the audience in navigating their query through your content. Search engines are smart enough to catch the content that’s irrelevant and not solve the problem.

  • Answer FAQs of your customers by providing useful information. 

Positive User Experience is a Key

By 2022, the number of users shopping online will be increasing. Providing a safety net to the customers will build the trust and foundation of the users. 

During COVID-19, consumers were safety conscious while purchasing from stores. Hence the majority of businesses moved towards online platforms. 

To give a sleek and smooth user experience businesses must keep in mind about few things like:

  • SSL certificates  – Having a secure socket layer for safe shopping.

  • Site loading time – ensuring that the site loads quickly and efficiently. 

  • Easy-peasy navigation – for users to find the products quickly 

Identify and Optimize Search Intent 

Now identifying and optimizing your search content has stayed long enough in the trend. Almost every top SEO company in India implements the strategies for the best results. 

Users search by looking out for specific information. If your business page does not offer the solution, it will not rank.

SEO services often miss out on checking the content that’s ranking. An ideal way of knowing it is by searching for the result of the content you are trying to rank. You will get the idea of what will work in your favour. 

Boost Your Content’s Visibility on Google Discover

Google Discover is a curated feed for the user as per their content preference and browsing history that appears on the phone. What better way to do it than on Google discover. 

How do you manage to do that? 

One way is to add visuals, which fuels the engagement with the users. Alongside, the content should be curated by keeping the targeted audience in your mind. It becomes easy for Google to understand the context and recommend it to the users. 

And well, for your business, you are bound to get qualified leads as your chances increase to appear in Google. 

Try to Optimize Your Conversion Rate

To get started with the conversion rate, OPTIMIZE IT. How does it happen? 

Track the landing page and its content. Find out where you can improve the content to get more conversions. 

To boost your digital marketing reputation, leave good customer reviews. Start collecting them from your customers and client base for Google My Business. 

Content marketing is another attribute that plays a major role in conversion rate. Marketers can understand the digital behaviour of the existing customers as well as the individuals at different purchase cycles like awareness, consideration and decision-making process. 

With these clues in mind, digital marketing companies curate content relatable to their audience and get the desired results. 

Now, being a top SEO company in India, we at SAVIT take it very seriously to give the best conversion rate to our customers. It becomes possible by analyzing the visitor data and finding out how to improve the conversion rate. 

Make a Powerful Link Building Plan

With the help of link building, your site can gain authority. The primary motive is to link other websites ( trustworthy ones, of course) to your website to improve the domain authority.

There are many ways to have a solid link building plan. It can be about collaborating content with other relevant websites or guest blogging to get the backlink opportunities. 

Social Listening & SEO 

Social listening is the way of monitoring the brand’s presence on social media platforms. Tracking the customer feedback, checking the brand mentions, and collaborations. 

Additionally one also has to trace down the specific keywords, targeted audience, and competitors to identify the right niche. Social listening also guides you towards taking actionable goals via insights. 

Apart from observing the brand presence on social media, marketers can also implement guest blogging SEO strategies. 

You can type in the keyword related to the blog and with the help of any SEO based tool gain the results. Likewise, you can collaborate with the guest blogging websites and work on the content together for targeting the audience and generating the link.  

As a growing top SEO company in India, we are consistently changing our digital marketing strategies to bring the best result. Social listening is a trend that you must include while planning SEO for 2022. 

Discover Your Competitors’ Performance

It’s the finer details that really make you stand out from the crowd. A blink and miss moment, and you will miss out on the areas where your competitors do well. There are various ways you can try to do the competitor analysis that will give you the acute realization. 

Tap into the details like:

  • Organic search rankings

  • Blog strategy

  • Backlink profiles – Authority – link building activities, 

  • User experience

  • Social media

  • Target audience segments

  • USPs and other differentiators.

From a technical SEO check in with: 

  • Site health

  • Page load speed

  • Technical SEO implementation

  • Mobile-friendliness.

Start Improvising Your Video Content 

People are scrolling through the video content like no other. The rise of Instagram and Snapchat stories stir up video content. Mobile phones have made it accessible for users to consume the content that creators are creating today. 

The videos help in SEO trends and assist as a helpful resource and channelling the Google algorithm. It works well on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube channels. 

Here are a few ways to keep in mind while creating the video content:

  • Add subtitles to your videos 

  • Interesting thumbnail

  • Catchy titles 

  • Optimize the video description with targeted keywords

  • Promote on social media platforms

  • Optimize videos for mobile viewing 

Basic SEO Checklist

Before you put your website up on the internet, there are a significant number of steps you must take. If you fail to do so, there are high stakes of poor ranking in the search engines. 

Here’s a checklist for you to follow before moving towards advanced SEO strategies. 

  • URL Optimization

  • Meta Tags Optimization

  • Header Tags Optimization

  • Keywords Incorporation

  • Internal Linking

  • Image Optimization

  • Schema Optimization

Make Your Website More Accessible

Did this thought ever pop in your mind – “how do internet users with disabilities search?” 

Google considers this one factor a 2022 trend to pay close attention to. You can provide the customer visibility by: 

  • Ensure to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines rules. Tweak around the adjustments and colour scheme. 

  • Mandatory for the screen users to understand text and widgets

2022 is ready to roll out. It’s time to win the goodwill of your customers by pitching the best SEO strategy for your business. It’s no cakewalk. But, here’s where we come to rescue you. 

At SAVIT Interactive – we boast about shifting the paradigm of business. With our experts, we can help you in optimizing your website and assist you in ranking better. 

With the hands-on experience of our dedicated team, we assure you to drive the success of your business. 


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