How to Get Your Company Listed on Wikipedia: A Step-by-Step Guide 

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Wikipedia has developed into a comprehensive encyclopaedia that covers a wide range of topics, from minor animal facts to details on our favourite TV shows to business information. Have you considered adding a page about yourself to Wikipedia? Or do you wish to learn how to start a Wikipedia page? Oh, you had no idea you could! A Wikipedia page for both you and your business can be created. The latter is more alluring, and that is what this post will discuss.  

Wikipedia was established on January 15th, 2001. The Google search engine prefers Wikipedia. Results are displayed first for practically every subject for which a Wikipedia page is available. Having your own Wikipedia page increases the legitimacy of your business and provides prospective customers with comprehensive information about it. Allow us to assist you in finding an easy solution to the problem of how to create a Wikipedia page for your company.  

1. How to Start Your Wikipedia Page with Your Account  

The creation of an account on Wikipedia is not required. However, having one before editing or creating your own page is always advised. The reason is that if you begin editing without first making an account, the edit history will reveal your IP address to everyone. Additionally, if you are anonymous, you don’t have a good reputation with Wikipedia. If Wikipedia discovers you are modifying other entries, they may block your IP. Before editing existing pages or adding your own, it is generally advised to create an account on Wikipedia to be on the safe and credible side.  

2. Improve Your Reputation on Wikipedia  

Wikipedia places a high value on reputation. Make a name for yourself on Wikipedia and become a reputable user before starting your own article. Consequently, how do you establish a reputation on Wikipedia? Simple: Edit other articles in a sincere and productive manner. The absolute minimum is a Wikipedia account that is seven genuine edits old and four days old. Your account will be promoted as an autoconfirmed account once you reach these stats, and your updates will be published with less reviews. The reasoning behind this is that the more sincere and useful updates you make, the less likely it is that your account will be deleted or questioned. By selecting the edit option in the top right corner, one can edit any article. You can quickly change a paragraph by clicking the edit symbol at the top of it. Wikipedia is a useful resource for managing your internet reputation.  

3. Conduct Wikipedia research before creating a page about it

Wikipedia’s policies on plagiarism are quite rigorous. One must ensure that the article must be honourable and unique. The fact that Wikipedia has this function makes it a reliable source of information. A notability test is conducted before an article is published. Everything duplicates will be immediately discarded. This is a serious operation for Wikipedia.  

Therefore, look up your firm name on Wikipedia to make sure your article is genuine. Go to Wikipedia’s search page and type the name of your business. If you are creating a page for the first time, you won’t see any results. You are allowed to change your text to reflect the facts if no results are found. Genuineness is important on Wikipedia. Owing to this, a smarter alternative is to hire an agency that offers Wikipedia page Creation Service.  

4. Build Your Page

The obvious next step is to begin creating the page. Finding this link to build a page can be a little challenging in this case, where your search option is crucial. You only need to click the link labelled “ask for the page to be created” in the previous stage after discovering that your page isn’t already present in Wikipedia. You can customise the page’s content. However, it is advised to stick to the Wikipedia structure that other businesses have used because users are already accustomed to Wikipedia’s format.  

5. Work On Wikipedia Article Wizard & Sandbox

When you click the “ask for the page to be created” link, a page with several instructions and cautions are brought up by Wikipedia before an article is started. You should select To proceed, click the Wikipedia article wizard link. You have two choices after selecting the Wikipedia article wizard: start writing the page right immediately, or practise editing in the sandbox. Pick a starting point for your post that works for you.  

6. Cite Your Page When Creating A Wikipedia Article About Your Company  

There are many numbers next to text on Wikipedia, which is one of its aggravating features. These are essentially the links’ numbers that you used to access the material. These citations increase users’ and Wikipedia’s trust. It demonstrates to Wikipedia that the data published on its page has also been published elsewhere. You can initially link back to your website from a company page. Check out other websites that have links to you and links to the ones you have earned from.  

7. How To Create A Wikipedia Page About Your Company – Request A Review  

You must submit your page for review as the last step. The article’s validity and notability will be checked by Wikipedia. The official Wikipedia page for your business will be published if Wikipedia determines that it is authentic and qualifies to be added as a topic. Your job is not finished here. You must continuously update your company’s Wikipedia entry with any new information. This maintains the transparency of your Wikipedia page while still maintaining its legitimacy. The process of updating Wikipedia never stops. Send in your page for evaluation.  


Nowadays, everyone is technologically literate. An organisation must constantly adapt to the growth of the internet’s platforms and use online marketing tools to demonstrate its presence there. You might have a lovely website and inviting social media profiles on various social platforms where you regularly upload pictures, videos, memes, articles, etc. On these platforms, you might be receiving a lot of engagement. However, Wikipedia has its own weight in the online community.  

Wikipedia is the fundamental place to start, but it has fallen behind with the rise of social networking platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Starting your very own free Wikipedia business page today is better than never. Hopefully, you must be aware of how to build a Wikipedia page by this point, or you can simply opt to acquire Wikipedia page creation services from Savit Interactive. A profusely talented team member with years of expertise in Wikipedia page creation for businesses will create a page for your business exceptionally.