10 AI SEO Tools That Will Boost Your Search Rankings in 2023

Top 10 AI Tools For SEO

The best AI search engine optimisation (SEO) tools are essential for the success of your digital content. Simply put, SEO and SEO specialists help your website or social media pages become a source of worthwhile content. Following their initial visit to your website, visitors are kept longer on each page by SEO, which preserves their interest as they discover more about your valuable solutions.   
According to data from 2022, 32.8% of SEO experts say that on-page components, such as meta titles and descriptions, are the most important elements for achieving good rankings on search engines like Google. With an 83% market share, Google has dominated the search engine industry. Yahoo is further behind at 2.55%, while Bing is almost 9% behind.   

The issue with SEO is that Setting it up properly can take some time. If you don’t do the right analytics and audits, your efforts to create online content won’t be successful. You could compare the performance of various tools by looking into them all. There are several available tools, both free and paid. Testing them out and examining professional suggestions for the newest tools will help you determine which one has the capabilities and insights that will give the ranking and visibility your website requires.  

Outstanding AI SEO Tools for 2023  

For eCommerce companies and marketers, generating quality leads and raising site engagement is a never-ending battle. There are several SEO tools, both free and paid, for businesses of all sizes. Here are our top AI SEO recommendations for boosting traffic and automating SEO strategies.  

Top AI SEO Tools to Automate Your Organic Performance   


 Semrush offers a wide range of AI-driven SEO solutions that have been expertly created to help marketing professionals increase their success in organic search results. Marketing experts may more effectively reach and build their online audience by utilising Semrush’s 50+ tools, which cover SEO, content marketing, competitive analysis, PPC, and social media marketing. Semrush gives consumers access to millions of national and local keywords, allowing them to find the most pertinent and compelling keywords for their content. The Keyword Magic Tool offers a large number of long-tail keywords, search traffic information, and keyword difficulty rankings to assist you in finding the most pertinent and effective keywords for your content. The platform’s AI-driven site audit tool evaluates the website, finds any technical SEO optimization concerns, and offers suggestions for improvement and enhancement, ensuring the greatest possible site health and search presence.   

Another area of expertise for Semrush is content marketing, and the platform’s Writing Assistant assists users in producing SEO-friendly content by making recommendations on readability, keyword usage, and content length. Semrush’s AI skills extend to market research, allowing users to learn about the marketing tactics of other companies, examine website traffic, and identify keyword and backlink gaps. Thanks to machine learning algorithms and reliable data providers, all of this data is shown in its database, further enabling firms to make data-driven decisions to enhance market share.   

Semrush’s AI solutions for advertising help users optimise their ad budget, keep track of rival ad copy and landing sites, and examine Google Shopping ad campaigns.   

Key attributes:  

  • Keyword study using AI   
  • Audits of technical SEO   
  • Position tracking for SERPs   
  • Improved content generation with AI   
  • Metrics for current content.  
  • Competitor research   
  • Analysis of keyword and backlink gaps   
  • Optimised ads with AI  

Jasper AI  

One of the newest AI SEO tools is Jasper. It is a leading AI writing tool in the market which authentic corporate companies use as a prominent SEO content writing tool. This AI technology can produce a variety of SEO-focused content in a matter of seconds, including blog posts, articles, sales pages, social media postings, and more.  

Many AI writing tools aren’t so good because the domain is still emerging. The writing frequently has an impersonal, unorganised air. Jasper, one of the most popular AI writing tools on the market, has great templates that structure the stuff you produce. Additionally, it offers a translation capability that lets you reuse text in more than 30 other languages. This is perfect if your company sells products to several marketplaces worldwide.  

Key attributes:  

  • You may find templates for various types of material on Jasper Templates. You might use this as a starting point for your content creation.  
  • You may produce brand-consistent content by using the tone of voice tool.  
  • Integration with Grammarly.  
  • Rewriting a sentence.  
  • Plagiarism inspection  


NeuronWriter is one of the most remarkable software on the list of AI SEO tools. It offers AI-written content by utilising NLP technology, information from Google SERPs, and meticulously examining the data of your competitors. SEO optimization includes internal linkage as a crucial element. For any blog posts, articles, or website pages you are working on, Neuron Writer searches the material on your website and suggests particular internal linkages.   

Key attributes:  

  • Live editing.  
  • Templates for directed content.  
  • Content management programme that aids in monitoring all of your SEO initiatives.  

Surfer SEO  

Surfer SEO is a well-liked AI tool for SEO for raising rankings, increasing organic traffic, and increasing site visibility. By assisting you with information gathering, content creation, optimisation, and auditing, it streamlines the SEO process. This application contains the capabilities you require to create a successful content plan. Leading businesses across the world rely on Surfer SEO. The growth management tool called Grow Flow by Surfer SEO provides weekly SEO data. It can be used to research specialised topics, uncover relevant internal links, come up with fresh content ideas, find high-ranking keywords, and more.   

In its keyword research tool, you can enter your primary term to find dozens of related topics. With it, the search intent of your target audience may be quickly ascertained, and the difficulty of keywords and monthly searches can be evaluated. In the meantime, its SEO Audit tool aids in finding SEO mistakes. This tool may provide you with information on page speed, keyword density, missing backlinks, and NLP sentiment, among other things. It also helps you maintain a close eye on your competitors so you can enhance the content of your website.  

Key attributes:  

  • Keyword Research Audit   
  • Grow Flow Content Editor  
  • Keyword Surfer Extension  
  • AI Outline Generator  


The list of the top AI SEO tools is incomplete without Frase since it is a potent tool that mixes AI writing with SEO strategies for users. Although it has editing options, Frase is mainly notable for its AI writing capabilities. You can use it to plan, gather information, compose, and improve your material. It might be challenging to keep track of which blog posts or articles are ranking and how frequently you should update them after your website has a lot of information. Frase makes your life a little easier by identifying the pages on your website that are losing rank so you can make rapid adjustments.  
Key attributes  

  • Competitor research.  
  • Content improvement. As you write, Frase provides real-time content optimisation recommendations to assist you in producing articles with an SEO focus.  
  • Using a content briefing, you may create content with guidance. The briefs could include potential sources and pertinent subtopics to assist you in structuring your material.  
  • Optimising the response process. This aids in voice search and highlighted snippets optimisation for your content.  


A tool that is present in the form of a WordPress plugin. This plugin installs directly into your WordPress admin panel, where it analyses your website and generates action items on its own. SEO is still one of the most dependable traffic sources, as Squirrly correctly believes.  

The development and application of an SEO plan for your WordPress site positions you for long-term success in contrast to paid advertisements, which cease delivering you traffic when your budget runs out. “Never Fail at SEO” is the motto of the Squirlry tool. The users span from the nearby auto repair shop to some of the busiest websites online.  

While some AI SEO tools have a price tag, there are several free tools that provide useful SEO recommendations on a smaller scale. For instance, a free SEO meta description generator is available for your website at The two main components of SEO are keywords and content. However, meta descriptions are quite useful for improving rankings and clickthrough rates.  

According to Ahrefs, 90% of websites don’t get organic traffic from search results. Meta descriptions are essential for bringing visitors to your website. Your website’s description can be found in the search results listings as a brief text block. This text is displayed underneath the page title and URL. Your target audience is inspired when you craft a compelling message.  


With a name like “CanIRank,” it should come as no surprise that the primary goal of this software is to improve your SERP ranking. But how precisely does it accomplish that?  

CanIRank is different from the competition since it can provide you with concrete strategies to boost your rankings in addition to having many of the standard capabilities of AI SEO tools. It accomplishes this by scanning your website and scouring related websites. With this information, it provides you with precise instructions on how to improve the SEO of your website. This programme may also provide you with expected costs and completion times if you intend to outsource the jobs, which is an excellent way for you to plan ahead.   

Key attributes:  

  • Rank tracking software that keeps an eye on your progress. It further updates you on any ranking modifications and new prospects for link development.  
  • Delegates SEO responsibilities to you in order to raise your rankings.  
  • Score for keyword ROI that aids in weighing keyword value and keyword ranking difficulty.  


Another excellent programme that makes use of artificial intelligence is Writer Zen. Its capacity to produce content briefs is one of its distinctive qualities. Writer Zen’s thorough suggestions on organising and optimising your content to increase your SEO performance may be obtained by simply entering a topic or focus keyword.  

The features of Writer Zen’s competitor analysis make it one of the top AI SEO tools currently available on the market. In order to stand out from the competition, it’s crucial to try to be different, but you also need to consider what the competitor is doing. You can use WriterZen to research the top keywords, backlinks, and general performance of your competitor’s website. With this knowledge, you may enhance your content strategies and determine regions where you might be able to beat them.  

Key attributes:  

  • Keyword research.  
  • Competitor research.  
  • Content improvement.  
  • Recording of performance.  


One of the most significant AI SEO tools is outranking for a variety of reasons. The software supports tracking, analytics, content strategy, and other tasks. Its capacity to conduct thorough website audits is one of its distinguishing qualities. The tool has the ability to examine many SEO elements, including technical problems, backlinks, and on-page optimisation. It audits your website and provides you with insightful analysis and suggestions to help you raise your rankings.  

 Key attributes  

  • Competitor Analysis.  
  • Research and analysis of keywords for all the material you produce.  
  • Content improvement.  
  • You can assess your SEO efforts and maintain control over them with the use of performance tracking and reporting.  


These artificial intelligence (AI) SEO solutions can aid in identifying the reasons you are losing out on traffic and help you in getting your website to appear on Google’s first page results and be seen by the correct people. You can use free or paid SEO software tools to increase traffic, maintain engagement, and improve the kind of material you can provide your target audience.  

At present, content is crucial for establishing your eCommerce business, influencer brand, or organisation as a leader online. By using SEO effectively, you may connect with audiences’ needs and become a more compelling brand without spending too much time on unpleasant research and content editing activities.