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Instagram is the place where the young audience is. They constantly update their photos, videos, and stories on the platform. It is a very interactive and engaging platform. As per statistics, Instagram has 75 million active monthly users in India, which is second only to the United States. And, the user base is constantly growing.

Instagram Advertising Company in India

This constant user growth provides a business with a huge opportunity to market its product. Technology is an inseparable asset now. It's time a business takes a conscious decision to indulge in online marketing and promotion. Because this is where active visibility is. The audience is full of information-hungry people. It is also a young audience with a huge spending appetite. They constantly want to be fed with new information about others. And, a good Instagram advertising company will tap into this huge audience, keeping them regularly posted about anything you need to market.

Why Instagram ads?

  • It is predominately a visual platform. And attractive visuals sell more than attractive words.
  • Its huge user base of more than 1 billion worldwide will give you great exposure and will generate more traffic for your business.
  • It has a younger and proactive user base who are constantly exploring for more information. This will positively get more inquiries for your business.
  • As per Instagram, 75% of its users take instant action once inspired by a post. And as of 2017, 120 million of its users either landed on a website, called, messaged or emailed to inquire more about businesses advertised on Instagram.
  • It helps you build your brand and your business by giving you various ways to advertise on its platform like:
    • Stories: These are compelling stories that reach the Instagram base
    • Photos: These are single landscape images that will tell your brand story
    • Videos: You have the option of a 60-second video advert about your business
    • Carousels: You can add depth to your photo ad campaign by adding more photos with information that customers can simply swipe through
    • Collection or Sideshow:: It is a video that contains a set of images that become a slideshow automatically
  • Targeted marketing helps you reach an audience that will matter to you the most.

SAVIT Interactive, an Instagram advertising company, thoroughly understands the growing audience demand and designs online marketing and promotion plans as per the market requirement. We are a qualified Instagram advertising partner. Our experienced professionals will give you in-depth advice on promotion and how to position your product, hence, giving you better visibility in the crowded Internet space.

Our dedicated Instagram ad manager will design your marketing campaign accordingly and give you frequent updates and in-depth analysis of the feeding audience. After all, a guided approach is what you will need from a reliable Instagram advertising company. We will also help you create the best website that suits your business that will attract better traffic. It is time to stand out from the crowd.


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