What Are the different types of SEO

Types Of SEO

Most people only consider one type of optimization when they think about SEO, which involves placing keywords on web pages. Although that is an important part of SEO, there are many other factors as well. 

Also, if you want to increase the amount of visitors to your website, you’ll need more than one form of optimisation.   

The four types of SEO strategies listed below can help your website rank for the keywords you’re after. Even though you will only use some of them, a better understanding of how to raise your rank is always good. We can now discuss the different types of SEO in digital marketing.   

On-page SEO   

On-page SEO is one of the most crucial types of SEO. As the name indicates, on-page SEO, also known as on-site SEO, is an SEO technique used directly on the page or website. All on-site ranking factors must be optimised, including meta descriptions, keywords, meta titles, photos, headers, and other content. But the question is, What is required to execute good on-page SEO?   

SEO Keyword Research   

The next most crucial step to think about doing for your business and website would be conducting in-depth research for key phrases and words—market research and keyword research for your websites. By doing keyword research, you can pinpoint exactly what your current and potential consumers are searching for on Google. You must first study the appropriate keywords to develop a trial-and-error approach that will affect your website and your business. This is because the stuff you’ll produce has potential never-use value. Indeed, keyword research is one of the most important steps of the types of SEO.  

Quality SEO Content   

It’s tough to exaggerate how crucial it is to provide high-quality content. It would help to consider the audience for the information you are dispensing and how it will affect your ranking.   

After conducting keyword research, you now know what your potential reader wants to learn from your website. How can you impart that knowledge to them in a way that they find enjoyable and, ideally, desire to continue reading your website?   

Most website owners and companies need to realise this, but the more extended customers stay on your site, the better your chances are of ranking. This is so that Google will immediately think of your website as one that satisfies user expectations. Quality Content is the main types of SEO.   

Internal Linking For SEO    

The internal link might be advantageous for your website. They can keep visitors engaged to your website for hours, reading many articles across multiple pages and convincing Google that you provide high-quality results for the search query. However, let’s first define internal linkages.   

Internal links are URLs that lead to one or more other pages on your website.. A Link informs the visitor that other pages on the same webpage provide more thorough information about this subject.   

The visitor can click the link to return to the original page or stick with the initial page’s information.   

Internal links may also point to authoritative pages in your sector. At first glance, it can appear that you’re sending many of your visitors to another website. Yet this is where knowledge comes in. You don’t include links to a competitor’s website, only to websites with impartial goals. 

Off-Page SEO    

Off-page activities are also one of the types of SEO. The complete opposite of on-page SEO is off-page SEO. Off-page SEO focuses on all of your SEO activities carried out outside from your website. Yet, rankings remain the same whether we’re talking about off-page SEO, on-page SEO, local SEO, or even technical SEO. 

What actions outside your website, which don’t include black hat SEO, may you take to raise your search engine rankings? These are some actions you can take in that direction:   

Guest Blogging  

Independent of whatever platform you control, the practise of guest blogging is a link-building and content marketing technique. The purpose of guest blogging is to provide you the ability to get traffic from websites that are more authoritative than your own through referrals. Does it seem difficult?   

Suppose you own a company selling home appliances and want to write a guest blog post for a website with a lot of authority in that market, but someone else is your direct rival.  

The next step is for you to add a few links to the articles you wrote for the website that direct visitors to your website. Being one of the best websites on their server links back to your website, Google will naturally infer that your website is excellent.   

Competitor Research and Analysis   

Look at your competitors’ backlink profiles and the websites that connect to them right away.. This will assist you in identifying authoritative websites in your sector that you might need to be made aware of.  

Internat Ads   

Besides SEO, there is another type of promotion called search engine marketing. Search engine marketing, also known as SEO marketing, will assist you in getting your website content on Google’s front page even though it won’t get you organic visitors.   

Facebook and Instagram ads that let you target your consumers more precisely are also called internet ads. 

Technical SEO   

One of the crucial sorts of SEO is technical SEO. Your page’s content has nothing to do with technical SEO.Nonetheless, it could improve your standing in natural search results. Digital marketing newbies frequently conflate technical SEO with black hat SEO. Technical SEO aims to improve user experience by optimising the website, unlike black hat SEO, which worsens it. 

Technical SEO covers all SEO procedures that enhance and simplify your website for users to explore. Here are some things to consider:  

Site Load Time    

Visitors are no longer patiently waiting for pages to load. They need the data now, and they want it now. Visitors will leave your article and move on to the following website giving a comparable piece if your web pages take forever to load. Observe this! The competitor websites’ load times have significantly increased. 

The human attention span is 8 seconds in average.If your metadata captures a visitor’s attention, you have less than 8 seconds to convince them that your web page contains the information they need. Your website shouldn’t load for less than two seconds. 


Companies frequently believe that customers merely use their computers to browse their websites. Rarely is such the case.There are several reasons why users might feel the need to check your website or place of business more frequently from a mobile device. 

Many studies have shown that a site’s blog or post is more likely to be viewed if it is more mobile-friendly.  

Crawl Error Identification   

Due to a tiny code error, your website might periodically become entirely invisible to Google’s or other search engine bots. Your page can also contain duplicate metadata, missing H1 and H2 tags, and coding errors. 

Local SEO  

Local SEO is one types of SEO that is more location-specific than the others. Local SEO focuses on rankings in regions, cities, or towns. The major goal is to improve a company’s internet visibility within its state.   

Optimising your “Google My Business” page will determine where you rank for local SEO. Given that Google will only advise your services based on proximity, ratings, company hours, services delivered, and a few other factors, Google has precise principles and criteria to follow while optimising the profile.   

Because search engine optimisation (SEO) is the most important and valued method of bringing potential clients to your website, post by post, it is a work that demands complete attention.   

To help your business expand online and have an excellent online presence, contacting a digital marketing agency is strongly advised because the procedures and strategies required can be challenging for newcomers.   

Final Thoughts

No matter what your digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing and content marketing depend on search engine optimisation. It must thus receive the attention it merits. 

After reading this post, if you need assistance with your internet marketing, you can quickly get your website onto the first page of Google’s search results. I hope you know the different types of SEO in digital marketing.