SEO Link Building: Why It’s Important

SEO Link Building- Why Its Important?

What is link building for SEO?

In SEO, link building is crucial for driving organic traffic through search engines, especially in this competitive industry. A practice of acquiring links from other websites is known as backlinks. Your website can rank higher on the search engine result pages (SERPs) by getting backlinks from high-quality sites, which can pass authority to your website.
Knowing which pages are relevant and trustworthy to understand if other popular website links are referring to the content is essential. Thus, it is crucial to make the best link-building strategy and use it to your advantage to rank higher in the search engine.

Why link building is important?

If your website is relatively new and you have a fantastic piece of content, which ultimately means that your website is not authoritative yet. To help google see your site as more authoritative, you can get backlinks from prominent websites, which can help you rank higher and stand out by keeping your readers engaged with your fascinating content.

Backlinks play the role of votes of confidence for your website. With your link-building strategy, you can rank higher with backlinks which makes it essential to take note of:

  • Generate high-quality content worth connecting with,
  • To help bring in more backlinks, take the help of a link-building agency.

As SEO link building takes effort, it will be an added advantage if we start with the link building process sooner rather than later to beat the competition early, which will result in more significant benefits to your website in the long run.

How to do link building?

Boosting your authority through link building is the best way to earn backlinks from prominent and credible websites. If you have content from irrelevant and spammy websites, they won’t be able to help you rank any better.

Below are the ways through which you can acquire backlinks :

  • Pursuing competitor’s backlinks
  • Guest blogs
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Manual Outreach

One thing to remember is that backlinks are not everything; creating valuable and high-quality content is equally important.

Not only beginners but also professionals face challenges while harnessing the power of link building while investigating ways to improve your rank. But, this can be a compelling way to build organic success.

What is a link-building strategy?

Gaining links to your website to improve your search engine rankings and authority is a link-building strategy. Primary ways to determine the relevance of a page through search engine algorithms are known as links. A website indicates that the content is relevant if there are good numbers of links. Visibility of your website increases if both external and internal links are used; additionally, Google and search engines crawl your website if linking is done correctly.

Types of link building in SEO

Before executing SEO link-building strategies, it is essential to know the three most important types of links:

Nofollow vs Follow

If you don’t want Google to crawl your website and still wish to link to another website, then you can use a no-follow link.

It is important to note that No-follow links do not provide authority directly. But, they can indeed provide you with brand recognition and referral traffic.

On the other hand, follow links are regular links designed to inform Google that the link can pass PageRank. Follow links can give authority to a trusted website and help identify the content to the search engine bots.

Links through users

When looking into your SEO link-building strategy, utilizing user-generated links is not the ideal route to use as a tactic. Google has also imposed penalties on those who have tried user-generated links. To promote your work, you must have used user-generated links. This link-building strategy is of low quality, and Google prefers other link-building methods than this one.

As these links won’t pass any authority, it is advised not to spend time on this strategy.

Natural links through other blogs or sites

Natural links usually don’t have any tracking parameters, and the readers come across the website organically. You typically don’t ask the users or webmasters to give you a backlink for this particular link. These types of links are not even found in any paid or sponsored content. They are just added to another blogger’s or webmaster’s website to provide value to the readers.

Natural links are usually seen in videos, images, blog posts, and product listings on someone’s website. Natural links are considered one of the safest link-building techniques and are also considered to be the best and most efficient ways to promote your website or blog.


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