The Digital Marketing Trends That Will Prevail in 2022

It might be challenging to forecast the future of digital marketing. Several exciting new advancements are opening up for marketers, like virtual reality, augmented reality, voice search, and chatbots. Innovations like this will significantly influence how we sell our goods and services in the coming years. We at Savit Interactive – a Mumbai based digital marketing company, have some insights to share. Keep scrolling to know more! 

The Digital Marketing Trends That Will Prevail in 2022

Forecasts for digital marketing trends for 2022:

  • Individuals will utilise voice search to locate information on the internet in the future.

  • Facebook will maintain its position as the dominant social media network.<

  • Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) technologies will become more inexpensive and widely available.

  • Chatbots will be everywhere.

  • There will be a rise in the use of voice assistants.

  • Personalised content and the digital creator will play a crucial role.

Now, let us explore the digital marketing trends in 2022 in detail. 

Voice Search

In the previous several years, voice search has made tremendous progress in terms of user acceptance. Also, things are only going to get better from this point forward.

Google Home is anticipated to lead the pack in the voice search smart speaker industry in the coming years. As the popularity of voice assistants and devices that can do more than answer questions or play music grows, the voice search intelligent speaker market is booming.

Smart speakers aren’t the only ones driving the voice search revolution. As anybody with a smartphone knows, voice search is now more portable than ever. 

Voice SEO is the way to go in the near future for any firm looking to boost its website’s inbound traffic numb

AI & Machine Learning

It’s no secret that the internet has always been a location where businesses can advertise their products and services. In terms of reaching out to prospective customers, it’s the most cost-effective and accessible channel available. And now, thanks to AI and machine intelligence, internet advertising is likely to shift much more than ever before.

In the future, AI will be able to interpret data in a completely neutral manner. It will be able to analyse hundreds of data points simultaneously, but humans can only handle one or two at a time. Ads that are more likely to be clicked on are more closely targeted at their intended audience, and this technology may help you do just that by looking at how people have previously acted. In the post-pandemic period, companies may gain a significant advantage in the competition for customers, resulting in more sales and income.

PPC advertising, display advertising, conversion rates, SEO, keyword research, social media marketing (SMM), and website analytics may be automated using AI technologies.

Mobile Apps 

Businesses must increasingly rely on mobile applications to be competitive. The more people utilise mobile applications, and the more people will use a business’s mobile app. App Store and Google Play Store optimisation tips:

Create a user-friendly app. Apps should load fast and provide a streamlined user experience. The app should also have functionality that people seek from your sector or from other applications they use.

It would be best to choose keywords consumers use while searching for apps like your own. To improve your app’s search engine rankings, include keywords in your metadata.

Influencers & Creator’s Economy

Marketing campaigns, including live streaming videos, are nothing new. In recent years, it has increased in prominence. When it comes to the right platform for your purposes, you may be unsure.

Because it’s the future of content generation and storytelling, live streaming video takes over social media marketing. With this in mind, they were designed to spur on-the-fly dialogue and interaction among users. Many digital marketing companies in Mumbai have started offering influencer marketing and assisting young creators in getting visible on the internet. 


There will be chatbots in customer service departments in the near future. Increasingly, customers want more and more from their contact centre experience, and chatbots may do a lot to help.

The use of chatbots in customer support is a novel and handy development. If you want to purchase a product, check on the progress of an order, or pay your bill, you can do it all with the assistance of technology. 

A future in which chatbots replace people as the primary means of customer service seems inevitable, given their many benefits. 

We at Savit Interactive – one of the best digital marketing companies in India, always aim to stay updated and predict digital marketing trends. And what we see is a shifting scene that is moving very quickly.

If you want to remain ahead of the curve and keep up with the competition, contact us today. We would be more than giving a head start on the trends and how they will affect your company successfully.