7 Best SEO Trends To Keep an Eye on in 2021

SEO Trends for 2021

2020 may have ended on a depressing note, but 2021 holds great promise for businesses. The news about vaccination and their successful trials has fuelled optimism among businesses. One thing is for sure — the focus will be on online digital marketing, as most of the audience is hooked on the internet to try and fight the negativity surrounding the current health crisis. This situation presents a wonderful opportunity for businesses to tap into this vast resource of consumers with the help of effective SEO strategies. So, let us check out the best SEO trends that businesses should look for in 2021.

SEO Trends for 2021

  • Voice search

Voice search has slowly grown in prominence among Google search users. As per the latest study, this year, almost 35 million queries were voice-searched on Google search. And almost 21% of Google searches on mobile were done via voice search. Additionally, most of the questions were specific and long-tailed. It goes to show that people who used voice search needed more specific and accurate answers to the questions they asked. Therefore, the voice search feature would only grow in prominence in 2021.

Pro tip: Use more bullet points in your content. It is the best way to boost your rankings in voice search.

  • More results via rich snippets

As per the latest survey by a digital marketing company in India, almost 41% of people between the ages of 13 and 18 years get their information from the snippets without actually reading the whole content. In the 18 to 30 age group, almost 21% get their information from the snippets. For this reason, Google plans to introduce more changes to its search algorithms to provide a better user experience. For example, if one wants to find out the cricket score, they can check it out on the Google page without needing to click on any link. With this trend experiencing a rise by the given day, businesses should look to add rich snippets to their content to become more visible among the search engine results.

  • Videos to rule the front page search engine results

According to the latest study by the best SEO company in India, in almost 53% of the search results, the first page would consist mainly of videos in comparison to the website containing only text and images. Also, almost 62% of search results on Google include videos.

Therefore, If you add videos that are relevant to your content to your webpage, Google would index your video. This way, you would be able to attract higher online traffic to the website despite the website not showing among the front page search results. Add a copy of the video to the web page to help Google understand the content of the video.

  • Increased importance for optimised and high-quality content

As per the experts of a leading digital marketing company in India, the content was and would continue being the heartbeat of SEO. Despite all the technological advancements in digital marketing and search algorithms, content still plays an important role in SEO marketing. A valuable and relevant written content is always valued and sought after by visitors and customers alike. Everybody seeks an honest and expert opinion or advice, and if your website could provide credible information to the visitors, it will be able to attract more organic online traffic resulting in more business for the company.

Therefore, regardless of the fancy websites you create, you must always emphasise optimised and high-quality content. After all, content is what will boost the credibility of your website.

  • Increase in mobile search

According to the latest survey by the top SEO services company in India, almost 88% of internet users access the internet on their mobile phones. Plus, almost 42% of the transactions take effect on mobile phones. This trend will increase exponentially in 2021. Therefore, businesses should optimise their website and content for mobile phones. So if your website is not optimised for the small screen, then it will greatly impact your search engine rankings. Your website will take time to load, which will increase the bounce rate of your website, decreasing your website traffic. Therefore, ensure that your website is mobile-friendly — because that is where your audience thrives.

  • Personalisation

The most important piece of the puzzle — personalisation. The online space is flooded with several websites providing the same kind of information as you. Experts say that almost 96% of those who visit your website might not convert into your customers. The reason is the lack of personalisation. You are providing the same kind of information as others, so you are one of those for your audience. What difference should you provide your audience so that they convert into your customers? The answer is personalisation. The best examples are that of the eCommerce websites. They already know your shopping patterns and the kind of goods you prefer to buy. Accordingly, they will offer you the best prices on those products.

Therefore, personalise your content so that your audience can connect themselves with the content and convert it into your customers.

  • Algorithms Processing Natural Language

As per the latest buzz in the market, Google has introduced new search algorithms based on machine learning that push the AI results to the users. Google has also introduced the latest technology in artificial learning called BERT or Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding. This new artificial intelligence technology helps Google process the natural language of the user. BERT understands the basics of human behaviour on Google search, making it an extremely important tool to further enhance the user experience for their users. BERT could impact one out of five queries. It allows Google to understand the nuances and context of the words entered for the searches. This ability helps Google provide more relevant search results to its users. According to Google, this new algorithm is the most significant breakthrough that the company has made in the scope of online search. It goes to show that machine-based learning will certainly rule the SEO trends in 2021.

These are the some best SEO trend which business owners should look for 2021. If you need to know more about the best SEO company in India, then you must visit Savit today.