What is the first word that comes to mind when we are looking for a new recipe for a Sunday’s party? Whom do we think of when we want to buy groceries, but do not feel like stepping out? Who can help us when we are lost in a new city (or country?) and do not speak the local language? It is the internet. So, one can imagine the global shutdown when Google is not performing its best.

Over the last couple of decades, we have seen several website browsers in place, right from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome. But then again, most of us have used Google throughout our lives. Starting from Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets and much more, the well-loved Google has always remained popular.

In today’s times, we have various search engines in place, which offer excellent results. Though they are region-centric, others are openly accessible by the global audience. Here, we have listed the top twelve search engines according to us:

  1. Google
    What makes Google the ruler is its personalised user engagement and an algorithm that only brings relevant results. However, experts have noticed that Google SERP features like Map Pack, Snippets, Knowledge Graph and Ads have reduced the website’s visibility. The monetisation of user data and privacy is another aspect that has rendered Google to become an advertising platform.
  2. Bing
    Microsoft Bing is the second-most visited search engine, but Microsoft has a long history with tried-and-tested search engines (Internet Explorer, anyone?). Bing has its algorithm for its indexing and crawling process, making it entirely different from Google. The homepage has vibrant background images, but that is not all. You have superior and customisable local search results, an advanced and organised image search (with more information and filter options for images), video search results in thumbnail grids and top-quality content links.
  3. Ask
    Unlike search engines, Ask.com is a questions-answering search engine founded by David Warthen and Garret Gruener. Headquartered in Oakland, California, the search engine enables users to see the webpage preview before clicking.
  4. Amazon
    Amazon is popularly known as the e-commerce giant, which shows its search results according to its users’ want to buy. It has an algorithm called the A9 algorithm, which functions on sales velocity. Even more than Google, Amazon is used more for product-related searches, making for tough competition between Amazon and Google.
  5. Yahoo!
    Yahoo! Is now powered by Bing. It shares several features and results with Bing, but it cannot be forgotten as the first search engine, even though Google is way ahead of it today. It has a long and rich history of comebacks, but as of now, it is difficult for Yahoo! to retain its position.
  6. YouTube
    YouTube is a video-sharing platform, which was later purchased by Google. With more than two billion users, its reputation as a search engine surpasses Ask, Yahoo and Bing – only to be cut short by Google. It is famous for video-related searches, available in eighty languages and mobile devices. Apart from viewing, you can upload and stream videos as well.
  7. AOL.com
    With headquarters in New York, AOL.com had pioneered the internet space in the mid-1990s. Its search engine website, AOL Search, was relaunched on 20th January 2005. Much like its competitors, it offers local search, shopping, multimedia, website, news and image results. However, you will only find the website results that AOL Search offers, with a slightly different page system.
    While displaying results, AOL breaks down the page in two search bars (at the top and bottom of the search pages), sponsored links, snapshots, product and matching websites.
  8. Lycos
    Founded by Bob Davis in 1995, Lycos covers social networking, entertainment, web hosting and email websites. It also includes Tripod.com and Angelfire.com, which provide free blogging, publishing and web hosting tools. Hugely popular between 1990 and 2001, its reliability and speed make it the best to look for online games, compare products across shopping websites and business advertisement opportunities.
  9. WebCrawler
    If you are from the early 1990s, you will know that the WebCrawler has been the oldest search engine - that still survives. Founded in 1994, it was one of the few website search engines of the time to offer full-text search. Presently managed by Infospace as a meta-search technology, it combines results from present-day search engines such as Google, Ask, Yahoo and Live Search.
  10. Baidu
    In case you did not know, the world's most popular website search engine - Google - is banned in China. The Chinese government has initiated the Great Firewall, which blocks all Google products. So instead, we have the Robin Li-founded Baidu.
    With a market value that surpasses its immediate competitors, Shenma and Sogou, this was founded with a search engine called RankDex in 1996. The algorithm remained similar to Google’s PageRank, which was later acquired by Larry Page in 1998. Apart from its minimalistic homepage, Baidu offers high-end search results, voice assistance and artificial intelligence search.
  11. Gigablast
    Launched in 2000, Gigablast is an open-source and free English website search engine. Created by Matt Wells, this New Mexico-based engine aims to index millions of internet pages with minimum hardware. In addition, it pioneers the clean-energy website search engines, as ninety per cent of its power uses wind energy.
    It generates topics, indexes several document formats, and features a blog-search concept called ‘Gigabits’. It also contains additional information related to the original search results and uses C++ and C+ programming languages.
  12. Gibiru
    Incognito personified, Gibiru was launched in 2009. It enabled users to perform private online searching while not risking tracking of their activities. As the browser does not use cookies or store IP addresses, there is no data for advertisement involved. Thus, users can access the internet without having their online data tracked.
    With multiple options, you can always find a search engine list right from you. If you would like our services, contact us at SAVIT.

Note: * mark are best search engines

A9.com  KellySearch.com
AOL.com  * LookSmart.com
AllTheWeb.com Lookup.com
AltaVista.com  * (popular language translator) Lycos.com  *
Alexa.com -  Important search engine Mamma.com
Answers.com MaviCaNet.com
Ask.com  * MetaCrawler
BBC - Search the web MonsterCrawler.com
Buzzle.com MSN.com (Bing) -  1st search engine introduce by Microsoft
Comcast.net MyWebSearch.com
DMOZ.org MyWaySearch.com
Dogpile.com NBCi and BingBC.com
EuroSeek.com Netscape Search  *
Excite.com TheNet1.com
Findit2000.net PlanetSearch.com
FindWhat.com Pathfinder / Time-Warner
GenieKnows.com Rediff.com - India's good search engine
Gigablast.com Scour.com
Google.com  - No.1 search engine Search.com
Go.com * Searchit.com
Go2Net.com SearchKing.com
HogSearch.com Smarter.com
HotBot.com Snap.com
Info.com SplatSearch.com
InfoSpace.com WebCrawler.com  *
IXQuick.com Where2Go.com
JumpCity.com WiseNut.com
Kanoodle Yahoo.com -  Worldwide 2nd rank search engine
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