We are the leading SEO Company in India offering a 360° approach towards digital marketing services for a varied range of industries. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most opted and essential services within the digital marketing space. With more than 16 years of expertise in the digital domain, we ensure to deliver the best SEO Services in India and have catered to more than 2k clients and helped them achieve success in the online world. With the belief to take online business marketing to new heights, all our services have been designed to cater to the dynamic needs of the business while keeping our customers first, ALWAYS. Strategic planning, streamlined execution, and a result-driven approach are the three pillars that help us discover untapped opportunities for business growth and our clients who believe in us. Let’s understand what SEO stands for and how can it help your business

SEO company India

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is not a new TREND or a FAD in the market, it is a practice that has evolved over years and now becomes one of the most essential methods for businesses who want to rank and get online business. When Savit Interactive started with SEO services, there was not much awareness or evolution of this methodology, but over the years, the fundamentals, techniques, and outcomes have greatly impacted the ways businesses work on an online medium and our services have evolved with that too.

So, a simple formula to SEO success would be:

Right Mix of Keywords Quality TrafficConversions


If the formula is applied with the right technique and strategy, your business has a great chance of outranking many key players in the market and get qualified traffic and leads, and eventually a massive boost in the ROI.

Now that you understand the meaning of SEO, here are more insights to How it works and why is SEO important for your business?

Today, if you have a business, a website then to stand out amongst your competitors, SEO is a leap you need to take and showcase your products or services out there where your target audience is looking for. Not just that, ranking on the right set of search phrases aka ‘keywords’ is one of the most important parameters of SEO Success. We at Savit Interactive help optimize your website to keep your best foot forward and get more visibility on Google and other search engines. The higher the visibility in search results, the more likely you are to garner attention from your existing and potential customers.

What does SEO Constitute?

SEO acts as the foundation of a holistic digital marketing ecosystem. If you optimize your website, which is the end destination you want your users to land on, you can integrate and drive that traffic to your other supporting campaigns such as organic and paid social media, search ads, landing pages and more. However, you need to first focus on the core of SEO, i.e the three factors of optimization explained below:

There are three levels within the SEO bucket for which your website needs to be optimized:

  • On-page SEO

    On-page SEO means the activities and optimization to be done on-site. When a website is optimized on the basis of page content, HTML or title tags, headings, sub-headings, internal links, URLs, keywords, image names, descriptions, etc, it is called on-page optimization. The on-page factors should be constantly optimized on a regular basis to send the right and relevant signals to Google search engines. The search engines read your website and then make it rank for the search queries that meet the users search intent.

  • Off-page SEO

    Off-page SEO means the activities and optimization to be done off-side. These factors directly impact the rankings of your website. When link building, blog posting, content optimization, reviews, automatically generated links, social media and external links are optimized, it is called off-page optimization. A greater level of off-page SEO optimization indicates the authoritativeness and quality of your site. Domain authority, site traffic, site type, link quality, etc. are a few factors that need to be considered while conducting off-page optimization.

SEO company India
  • Technical SEO

    There are certain technical aspects of SEO that help search engine robots index and crawl through to analyze what your site or page is about. Errors in these can be a huge cost to your website. Technical SEO includes optimization of code, javascript, files, loading time, structure, URL, Canonicalization, etc. Optimizing these factors can either help your website rank higher or land you in big troubles if not aligned with the Google algorithm.

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Expert SEO Services
to Meet your Business Needs:

At Savit Interactive, our SEO services include techniques that not only improve your rankings and visibility on search engines, but also align with your business goals to get you relevant traffic that converts. Below are the services offered at Savit Interactive.

Website and Web page Analysis

Website and Web page Analysis

An in-depth analysis of your website and web page is the first step towards SEO which involves an audit of your website performance, whether it is user friendly or not, testing the speed, competitor analysis and the quality of traffic on your website.

Keyword and Key-Phrase Analysis

Keyword and Keyphrase Analysis

Keyword research is the most crucial step of SEO and determining which keyword your business can rank for is vital. During keyword research and analysis, the search volume, competition and ranking difficulty score are checked and a set of primary and LSI keywords are selected on which optimization is done.

Competitor Website Analysis

Competitor Website Analysis

A thorough competitor analysis is done and factors such as their ranking position, pages, keywords they are ranking on, their content and backlink profile is checked. A thorough analysis of competitors helps in creating SEO strategies to outrank them on Google SERP.

Directory Submissions

Onsite Optimization

Onsite optimization involves the on-page optimization of the website to improve visibility and rankings. The changes made onsite can help the search engines to find and navigate your website easily and organically improve your web presence.

Search Engine Submissions

Search Engine Submission

When a website is registered or listed with search engines is called search engine submission. This simply means that the search engine knows about the existence of your web pages. The level of optimization will determine the ranking of your website once listed.

Link Popularity Analysis

Content Marketing

Content is the king! In SEO, quality content optimized with the right set of keywords can help your website not only secure the top SERP rankings, but also help visitors get converted once they visit your site. The recent Google updates have given rise to producing high quality and relevant content to rank better.

Traffic Analysis

Quality Backlink Generation

A strong backlink profile is one of the most important components of search engine ranking factors. When highly authoritative websites link to a website, it sends out positive signals to the search engine crawlers, indicating that your website is valuable, useful and informative, resulting in higher visibility.

Blog Commenting

Link Popularity Analysis

Link popularity indicates the number of links of websites linking to your site and the relevancy as well as anchor text. The domain authority of your website is dependent on the quality of links you build. Link popularity is important as it helps engines to analyse your backlink profile and improve your domain authority score.

Forum Commenting

GMB Optimization

Google is the most authoritative review and visibility platform. Any business is incomplete without being listed on Google. Once listed, your business can also add images, complete information, map location and keyword-rich descriptions to it. It is also a great tool to collect customer reviews and the best part is that it is completely FREE!

Article Submission

Rank Tracking

Tracking is everything and at Savit Interactive, we track and measure everything from rank positions to conversions that help provide value of SEO performance. The rankings are tracked on regular intervals and reports are shared using the best industry tools that are accurate and prompt.

Article Submission

Traffic Analysis

The analysis of traffic towards your website is done using Google Analytics tool. It indicates the quality of audience, number of visits, unique visitors, medium of traffic such as mobile, desktop, ipad, and channels such as referral, search, social and paid. This helps us analyze the gaps and conduct further optimization in the campaign.


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We have expertise in!

  • Our Expertise at Savit Interactive:

    At Savit, our expert service areas within the SEO umbrella lies in local SEO and eCommerce SEO. AS the internet has expanded, the search engine aims to make navigation easier for any user based on their behaviour and medium of usage.

  • Local SEO

    By analysing the behaviour of users and their search queries, Google observed that people are seeking businesses, products and services that are conveniently located and near their existing location to ease their task. Hence, to rank and appear on the search engine for a specific location based phrase and thereby improve your shop footfalls and orders, local SEO is highly recommended.

  • eCommerce SEO

    eCommerce is a competitive market and gaining visibility through organic SEO can be highly beneficial in terms of traffic and sales. An eCommerce website needs to be optimized for SEO as much as it needs paid ads. Headlines, product descriptions, meta data, internal linking, permalinks, navigation, loading speed, image optimization, etc are few important factors to draw traffic from search engines.
    If you are looking to boost your business revenue with organic traffic, then SEO is the right and most sustainable strategy your website needs. Regardless of your business type or industry, SEO is the core of all the other digital marketing efforts you might make. Attaining those ranks might not be an instant process, however keeping off those ranks for a long period of time and leveraging the traffic that converts you a great ROI, makes these services a win-win for your business. At Savit Interactive, our affordable packages and result-driven eCommerce SEO services have worked well for up to 2.1K+ clients and generated more than 8 lacs enquiries over time.

  • National SEO

    National SEO is purely focused on optimizing your website to get it ranked nationwide. The key phrases selected in these kinds of SEO campaigns are a broad match and do not take into consideration the specific geographical limitations. If you have a business service or product that caters to the whole nation and is not limited by a specific geographical location, this is the ideal SEO methodology that can help you achieve a higher search engine visibility and potential customers from across the nation. Additionally, National SEO works both local as well as national levels and can help your business stand out from your competitors in the market.

Our Achievements

  • We are a leading SEO company in India offering organic white hat SEO services. Our results-driven approach will get your website at the top. We first dive into your brand or product and create the right digital marketing approach for you.
  • We have the right tools to perform quality Search Engine Optimisation. We are a certified Google Partner in display advertising. We follow best practices for creating, managing and optimising AdWords Display campaigns. We are an accredited Bing professional agency.
  • Savit was awarded 3’rd place at Google Partner Grand Prix Competition in December 2014. Savit has been covered by the following magazines for its SEO best practices- Trade Flock, Silicon India, Insights Success, Consultant reviews.
  • We create a data-driven Digital Marketing plan to bridge all the gaps. Our dynamic team of experts focuses on creating ROI-driven plans.
  • Considering the wide range of search engines the limitations are not just location-specific. The major aspect of SEO is that visibility is around the world.
  • Savit stands out in Mumbai because of its organic approach to get the desired ranking. Our 15 + years of consistency and experience results in agencies from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, Singapore, China and Malaysia. Marketers and sellers around the world love our SEO partnership. We have 1000+ clients across domains and geographies.
  • Connect with us at our Mumbai, Pune or Vadodara office. Savit will help you go Digital.

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SEO is important for marketing your brand online. It will increase your visibility in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO is a long-term and cost-effective marketing strategy for any business. SEO can generate leads, bring new clients and build your brand on the web.

It is recommended to go for a 6 months plan. As you can see results after 6 months. After 3 months you can notice some change in the visibility.

SEO is a complex process. But it is surely approachable for any business entity to fulfil their needs. We can assist you in achieving Top Rankings for your targeted keywords so that you can begin receiving high-quality visits to your website, which will increase your sales. Yes, our SEO services are tailored to fit your budget and, more crucially, search engine expectations.

SEO is a complex process. But it is surely approachable for any business entity to fulfil their needs. We can assist you in achieving Top Rankings for your targeted keywords so that you can begin receiving high-quality visits to your website, which will increase your sales. Yes, our SEO services are tailored to fit your budget and, more crucially, search engine expectations.

Google updates its search algorithm around 500–600 times each year. We at Savit an SEO company in India, work closely with the Search Quality Guidelines, and our team is committed to quality. We have a 100% penalty-free track record on all of our projects.

Savit utilizes a Project Management Tool to keep our clients informed about the status of their projects and to facilitate and centralize communication, and you will be encouraged to use it after you sign up with us. Our team will keep in touch with you on a weekly basis and provide you updates at the conclusion of each month, along with the overall work completed.

Negative SEO is defined as any kind of malicious practice, aimed at destroying the search engine rankings of competitor websites. This activity is generally termed “black hat SEO” due to its maliciousness. The different types of negative SEO activities include:

  • Hacking the website
  • Generating toxic backlinks with the help of spammed anchor texts
  • Scraping the website content and building a duplicate website
  • Posting negative and fake reviews about a website
  • Removing the backlinks of the website

  • Prevent your website from hackers by conducting regular site audits and fixing the technical issues.
  • You can combat backlinks manually by going to each link and then disavow them.


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