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Starting out from the founders' living room in 2002, LinkedIn has grown by leaps and bounds since its launch in 2003. It has more than 500 million professional members worldwide. Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn has helped the company in many ways as it is the coming together of the world's leading software company and its leading network of professionals.

It is a business and employment oriented service website that helps professionals across various fields networking with one another. LinkedIn may look similar to Facebook, however, the former is specialised to cater to professionals and is used mainly for business and employment networking.

LinkedIn Advertising Company in India

On this platform, you can reconnect with your old colleagues from all previous jobs/ventures. Your profile becomes your resume. It is one of the best places to look for jobs online, connect directly with the recruiters, catch up with startup founders, etc.

LinkedIn is a good place to promote your business as well. Currently, it has 50 million active professional users in India, second only to the United States. That's a huge audience to promote your business to. And, a good Linkedin advertising company will help you achieve this objective correctly.

Why LinkedIn ads?

Most people are alien to the idea of ads on LinkedIn. These points may help you gain some clarity:

  • It lets you interact and share your business with professionals who may be interested in your products or services.
  • You can have a business card and resume that's online so that various prospective clients, business partners and customers can learn more about you and get connected with you.
  • It helps you endorse and recommend the USP of your business.
  • A dedicated tracker will help you keep a track on the performance of your ads. You can measure the conversions and other statistics from your ads.
  • You can publish your blogs and articles on the platform. This will make your content accessible to LinkedIn users worldwide, thus, increasing your credibility and authority.
  • The best part about it is its Inmail service that allows us to send emails to our connects even if you do not have email IDs.
  • As per the market study, LinkedIn is the no. 1 platform for business to business lead generation.

SAVIT interactive is a specialised LinkedIn advertising company. Our expertise and marketing strategies will guide you to the right kind of ad execution for your brand. We have a focused and customer-centric approach to website promotion. We are LinkedIn advertising partners for many brands, whom we support with a dedicated LinkedIn ad manager and an equipped team.

As a Linkedin advertising company, we do not encourage haphazard marketing. In fact, we are totally against it. We will help you market your business in a customised manner and reach your target audience. So, simply share your brand with us and we will market and grow the brand further.


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