Tricks to create an impeccable lead generation form

Tricks To Create An Impeccable Lead Generation Form

Creating the right lead generation form is a dream as well as a nightmare for all digital entrepreneurs. Some common questions asked are: How to create one? Where to find one? What to ask, what not to ask? These are some of the trivial questions that give entrepreneurs sleepless nights. A lot of money is spent on setting up a business and if you are not focusing on creating a lead generation form then you are not focused on your business at all.

This form is a very small part of the entire chain, which also comprises the automated marketing system linked to the landing page content. It can’t create miracles all alone. For miraculous conversions, each link (in the entire chain) has to work in sync. But, if the link to the form is weak, all your efforts at crafting a persuasive and informative landing page will go in vain, including the money that you have spent in promoting it. So, focus on creating a great form that meets your expectations and see how it fits into the entire scheme of things.

Here are some pointers to guide you with form creation:

  • Give the right information

A great form rightly informs the reader what exactly they’ll be entitled to if they sign up. Don’t promise a book or ebook and deliver a few PDF pages. Don’t spam your prospects with newsletters if they did not opt for it. The objective of the form has to be absolutely clear. For this, you have to include why

  • Claim your….

  • Join now….

  • Sign up for…

Here, you are providing a value exchange: the permission for future correspondence with the prospect in exchange for the free service. This is a great chance to build trust with the prospects, just be true and straightforward about what they are opting for.

  • Ask right, ask tight

Lead generation forms are great to collect valuable data about the prospect, which can be of use later. But, you shouldn’t abuse the privilege. Asking for hobbies, DOB, mother’s name won’t take you anywhere and a prospect will be lost. The lesser the fields, it is more likely to be filled completely. Ask for information, but don’t force unnecessarily. After all, visitors normally have limited patience.

  • Remember the mobile

Don’t forget to make it responsive for the mobile phone. Not just the website or the page, your form also has to fit the size of the mobile and it has to function properly. If the prospect has to remove some placeholder text prior to filling the form or they have to scroll sideways to find the form, you’ve lost the plot. You will realise that the landing page gives better conversion with a simple form that has fewer options or has dropdowns to speed up the process for mobile visitors. Test the form on different mobile handsets before you make it live.

  • CTA

A call to action button is like perfume: tough to explain but easy to recognise. It should attract visitors attention and compel them to take action. For instance, Linkedin’s ‘Get started – It’s free’ button. That’s as clear as one can get. Well, you don’t have to keep it that short, but you have to be upbeat, motivational and punchy. Think of the command that would compel you to take action, then add it to your CTA.

  • Keep it on the header, always

A long landing page makes it harder to keep the form on the header. If you’re able to find some space in the header, you will get rewarded with better conversions. If it doesn’t fit, at least include a part of the form so that your prospects are urged to further scroll down. For long pages, you can use a couple of forms: a concise version on the header and the maximized version below.

  • Experiment

Experiment with different colours, sizing and typographies. Innovative things bring out different emotions in a visitor. But, don’t try to be too outrageous. Sometimes even the most subtle changes can surprise you, such as switching the form to the right of the computer shows an increase in leads by 24%.

  • Always test

Don’t publish anything before you’ve tested it thoroughly. Testing a product is of paramount importance. Elaborate testing ensures that modifications are working correctly. Even little changes can significantly increase your rate of conversion.

Nothing is perfect in this world. But, there should always be a quest for perfection, as this will ultimately help you find you your desired result. Remember that small changes do yield great results.