Top 5 SEO Mistakes

Google’s Team of search spam, clarifies some of the finer points of SEO management and online marketing. Webmasters make certain small errors when creating the internet visibility for your website. By checking out this video, you can understand just what to avoid when boosting the SEO for your site. As they describe it, these are not very drastic and severe mistakes – these are just the most common ones by volume. Spam checking for every search engine has particulars, and mostly, Webmasters know their way around this. However, these are the lesser known mistakes caught by Google’s team –

1. Is your website crawlable? Often, hyperlinks within the page and in external references do not lead back to your target page or website. This weakens your whole effort in the SEO and search engine visibility boosting process as it slows the search process.

2. Often, Webmasters include very technical keywords like ‘Mt. Everest Height / Elevation’, however, people searching for the information would most likely type ‘How high is Mt. Everest’. This is a better way to select the keyword clusters – keeping the human user end.

3. People often have incoherent articles linking back to their website. What Webmasters often miss out is the quality of the content in terms of marketing angles.

4. When your webpage arrives on the browser window, does it say ‘Untitled’ on the top tab? The title and description of your webpages help the search engine to process your site within the keyword given easily. This is a very important, yet often neglected SEO technicality.

5. Many Webmasters make a serious error in not learning the Google process and what actual SEO management is all about. As an engine, there are technicalities to follow, but Google also has a number of specialized tools for web analytics that Webmasters can use to full advantage.