Tips for Creating an Effective Online Video for Your Small Business

Every business — small or big — should consider an effective video marketing strategy. Video marketing is not just an effective marketing medium, but it also increases sales and improves brand recognition. Moreover, this form of marketing is preferred by many customers. That’s why it is quite profitable to create video marketing ads with the help of SMO services for your small business.

Tips For Creating An Effective Online Video For Your Small Business

The kind of video you want to create depends on the industry, but there are a few basic principles of creating a great video that stay the same across all industries. According to a reputed SEO company, by following five simple principles, you could create the best video ads for your video marketing activities. So let us check out the below tips to create a high-performing online video ad:

  • Make the initial few seconds impactful.

It is extremely critical for your video to have a good beginning. It will attract the attention of your potential customers towards your video and avoid them from clicking away or skipping the ad. Begin the videos with an eye-catching statement that would grab the attention of your target audience and spark interest amongst them. Make a conscious effort to catch the attention of the audience right from the start by asking relevant questions by addressing a common issue or showcasing content that will boost brand identity. The uniqueness and attractiveness of your video will boost your social engagement with your target audience.

More often, video ads remain on mute, until the viewer manually unmutes. Therefore, add great visuals at the beginning of your ad to gain the attention of the audience and to influence and encourage them to unmute and watch the entire video.

  • Highlight the USP of your brand.

Why should a visitor take an interest in your product or service or even your brand as a whole? Find the answers and make it a point to showcase the answers in the video ad. Also, emphasize what the company does, its products and services, and the factors that make it great. Tell your viewers what makes your brand different and unique from the others, and how your product or service will solve a recurring problem or provide a concrete solution. Show your successful track record and share your wonderful achievements with your audience. You can also include positive customer feedback and customer testimonials to boost customer engagement. Highlight the advantages of the company in an organic way so that you can make the video more effective and engaging for the audience.

  • Time the video ad.

As important as it is to attract and engage the audience with your video, it is also crucial to time the video appropriately so that it doesn’t look like a documentary and end up losing the interest of your audience. Most online video ads have a maximum run time of 30 seconds or even lesser. This duration is an optimal length for a highly effective and engaging video. Some videos, depending on their engagement levels, can run for a whole minute, but beyond that, the audience loses their patience. Determine the length of the video and then create a script accordingly.

Now, if a company wants to use videos to position its brand in the market, they can opt for longer videos, as they could be equally effective. For instance, if you want to tell your brand story by featuring a company employee or a customer, then you could create a long video ad. Either way, it is better to remove any necessary content and communicate your message quickly and efficiently to keep your viewers hooked to the video.

  • Answer the why.

Video or not, any ad should attempt to answer the ‘why’ part of the question very effectively to gain the interest and trust of your audience. Give your audience a compelling reason to select your brand. How are your services and products different or unique from the rest? Whether it is the great value of products or services, patented technology, or unlimited warranty, you should provide your audience with a credible reason to select your company. It is extremely significant to emphasize these positives while creating your video ad.

‘Why you?’ is the first question which a new business or brand has to tackle while creating a brand identity in the market. If you can provide a convincing and credible answer in your video ads, you will gain the interest, trust, and attention of your audience. Doing so will not just expand the outreach of your business but will also greatly enhance your brand identity and awareness.

  • Use proper call-to-action.

The ultimate goal of a video ad is to influence and encourage the audience to take action. And the goal of your video ad should not be any different. After all, the point of an ad is to ensure proper social engagement with your audience, which will yield concrete results. The best way to encourage your audience to take action is by adding an effective call-to-action button at the end of the video ad. Your call-to-action could be a video clip, an image, or plain text on a button.

It is best practice to include a proper call-to-action button or statement right after the video content ends. For instance, show your audience which website they should visit and how to find more information there. Also, encourage them to take action by offering sign up bonuses or discounts on their first purchase or their first order of the services.

These tips will help you create a powerful online video advertisement for your company. Get in touch with a reputed SEO company in India to seek better support in creating online videos.

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