Seven Points to Create Successful Content

Recently, one of my friends told me that he is having plenty

of articles blog-png12regarding buying and selling properties on his website and he also has pretty good experience in real estate business, so he decided to increase his business sale through these articles. He wanted to make these articles SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly but somehow, he was not able to get that much sale and visitors on his website. I was on a mission to find out reasons for his problems and after a long search, I came to know that poor content marketing was preventing him from getting sales.

The reason behind this was that, all his website content was written by his web designer who had absolutely no experience in the real industry. Web designer who was paid to write content and to do SEO for his articles must have “copy and paste” the content from other articles on the web and by using rephrasing tool to make it look like an original content. This means that those articles were not meant for consumers and definitely not SEO friendly.
Let me tell you that content marketing strategy is not about copying and pasting content from other sources of the web at all. Following such method will never attract customers or increase sales of your business; I mean, how can you get traffic and response from visitors if there is no originality in your content? By doing this, you are creating bad impression of your brand. Even though, my friend’s articles may have find first place on Google listing but some of his visitors, who have read those articles found that they are not so much convincing and attractive to make them feel confident about the brand.

There are many other websites who are experiencing same problem and just like my friend, their web pages may have earned first place on Google’s organic search results but they are not so appealing to make impact on people.

Here are the tips for effective content creation:

1) Create a good story

You must create an authentic and impressive story about your brand and let people know, what you are exactly dealing into and why people should consider your brand. In short, a brief explanation will also make great impact on customers but that should make them to keep on reading the article.

2) Be 100% original

Writing original content does not mean that you have to write something that has never been written before by anyone else. You can say that, original content means writing in your own style rather than copying others style of writing. Also, it does not mean that you have to use complicated words or words that are sometimes hard to understand; use simple yet unique words and make it look like it is your own thinking and writing. Believe it or not but original content will definitely force your targeted customers to think that your brand is different from others.

3) Keep your customers in mind

Just think when you go online and search on any topic or product you want to know about but, because of the less information and sources you can’t get complete knowledge of that brand, will you be able to trust that brand or website? Certainly not, you will just turn away from that page and try to find another similar product. Whenever you are writing something to make impact on customers, try to put yourself in their shoes; this will give you clear idea about what customers really want and what will make them to trust that brand.

4) SEO should be your secondary option

As I have mentioned before, the content of your website should always be created by keeping customers’ needs and their requirements in mind. However, you can use some targeted keywords that you want to highlight in the content for SEO purpose but that you should not overdo it or else customers will not find any uniqueness in the content.

It is important to educate your customers about your brand rather than making too much mess or repeating same line or words in the same content. If you follow all these steps then you will undoubtedly see increased traffic on your website.

5) Write more articles

If you really want to set distinct image of your brand in the market and amongst people, then you will have to write more content as much as possible about your business. The more you will write, more your brand will be famous in the market and consumers will begin to have faith in you as well.

6) It should be objective

How would you feel to read a book that is without any pictures or design? It is boring even in imagination, isn’t it? Content marketers should not just write too much content without using any objectives. Use some key points that are more effective and attractive than the rest of the content, like why your brand is good for customers, how it will help them etc.

On top of this, never compare your business with competitors because that’s what it calls uniqueness. If visitor finds your content informative, he will certainly go for products or services which you are providing.

7) Make final move

After following all the steps and make last move to create trust and confidence in customers about your business. Once the customer likes your content, take them to your website where they can learn more about your product and services and also send product enquiry.

In the end, I would like to add that there are no magic tricks in content marketing. You just have to be more expressive and easy to understand, as if you are telling a story to someone in your own original style.