5 Important factors for SEO in 2017 by Industry Experts

What’s coming for SEO in 2017?

2016, was an intense year especially when it comes to SEO particular. It feels like just yesterday we were making our wagers on what was going to be happen for SEO in 2016. Just the blink of an eye and blast occurs, and what we see it’s very nearly 2017 – the ideal year of opportunity for arranging, planning, and strategizing for your SEO accomplishment in 2017 has come.
What’s more, in the event that you require some motivation or some help setting up the needs, here we provide you handful information regarding upcoming ideas for SEO in 2017!

Start out strong: Implement Google’s AMP in 2017

AMP stands out as Accelerated Mobile Pages project. It is a new Google initiative to build a better, more user friendly mobile Web by introducing a new “standard” for building web content for mobile devices.

Since February 2016, AMP has been in SEO news. SEOs and webmaster keeps treating it quite carefully. Do you think that AMP is yet another Google fad that come and go within few months like many of them did before? Or it will stay and form the future of mobile?

To resolve this question here is strategy for AMP that you must consider before implementing it:

  • Ultimate user experience as they solve the problem of speed. You can bet on this! Thanks to “lighter” HTML and CSS they use, and also AMP content is fetched from the Google-hosted cached version and not from your server, so it works 30 times faster.
  • It will help you to create positive effect on ranking and CTR.

301 redirects can prevent your pages from passing topical relevance

If you are SEOers, then you must have heard the golden rule: don’t overdo with redirects – they are a PageRank leak.However two months ago Google turned the SEO world upside down, announcing that redirects no longer result in losing PageRank and you are free to use any type of 3xx redirection without the fear to lose your rankings.

Also, there is good news coming across is that actually 301 redirects can prevent your linking page from passing through any anchor text relevance via its outgoing links.

HTTPS is eating up your referral data. Any ways to fix that?

Google has announced HTTP to be a ranking factor in its algos. The Web blew up with the idea of switching to HTTPS to improve rankings. It is also said that “When going from HTTPS to HTTP, referral data is dropped and without it the traffic looks like it’s direct. Switching to HTTPS fixes some of your attribution issues.”

But if you’re a website is earning money by sending people to other websites, then don’t forget switching to HTTPS will stop your website from sending referral data to HTTP sites.

So how you can get the actionable tips if the Web is divided into HTTP and HTTPS websites? Here is the way:

  • You need to restore the actual referral data to your HTTP website from other HTTPS sites.
  • You need to make sure your HTTPS website passes referral data to HTTP sites. You can try this by inserting the referrer by using an intermediate page, like Google+, Facebook and Twitter do.

Still building citations for your local business? It might be just the time to stop!

Through the recent studies by Industry Experts, it has been conclude that citation building might be the most overestimated factor for local SEO. Also, they convey that the strength and volume of local citations don’t seem to matter much for local rankings.

From 3000 local searches and study it was analyzed that citations showed much less correlation than other factors, while the unquestionable leaders are backlinks. You should not ignore Citation consistency but strength or volume of citations just doesn’t seem to matter as much.

Optimizing for voice search — your chase for featured answers.

It has been seen that a featured snippet listing yielded 41,144 clicks in 90 days and it has greater potential for voice search.

In other words, every time a searcher makes a voice search for a keyword where your website ranks in a featured snippet…Google specifically references your brand, giving you a huge extra branding opportunity.

Also with the given fact that voice search keeps growing at a supersonic speed over half of US teens & 41% of US adults use voice search on a daily basis, this extra branding opportunity might be just the right push you needed to add to your 2017 SEO plan.

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