Google Rank brain: What it is and What Effect it will have on SEO?


What is Google Rank Brain

Rank brain is an artificial intelligence program that helps to process Google search queries. The artificial intelligence is able to embed a vast amount of written language into mathematical entries, which are called vectors, so that the computer can understand.

If rank brain sees a particular word or phrase which they have never been encountered, then the machine will make a close guess similar to that meaning, which will ultimately give results and queries which have never seen before with effectiveness.

If we take the example of a search made “how many types of phones are there in the world” then Google will show different results from across the world, taking this as one of the parameters.

This is because in Australia and USA the search results have been very similar but the result produced by Rank brain differs and this is because of the measurements made by each country.

How important is Rank Brain?

Rank brain is one of those signals which go into the algorithm and as per that Google is able to display the search results that have been made.

As per Google it is the third most important factor in determining the results that appear. At this moment 15% of all the online searches made, rank brain is one of the most important signals which determine the search engine results.

How Will Rank Brain Affect SEO?

When developing a seo campaign the first thing that needs to be kept in mind is the keywords. Whatever keywords are being used will define the failure or success of a campaign. The target is to make keywords which are essential for the use of customers.

This part of the seo foundation will begin to change. Before the emergence of rank brain, Google’s software engineers would develop a mathematical algorithm which would define search ranking. And now with Rank brain on the rise, the rank brain algorithm is learning and changing. SEO campaigns need to be more adaptable to these changes to get better search rankings.