Google AdWords vs Facebook Ads – Which one works best for your business ?

Facebook Ads VS Google AdWords

AdWords and Facebook Ads are two of the most popular online advertising platforms based on the pay-per-click model.

In Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are two of the most popular online advertising plathe case of AdWords, you enter into a bidding war with other advertisers for specific keywords, and when someone searches for those keywords, the one offering a higher bid comes on the top of the search results. Then every time someone clicks on one of your ads, the bid amount will be deducted from your account. All this process is completed by an algorithm and on a real-time basis.

When it comes to Facebook Ads, they are display ads wherein your advertisement as a video, picture, or infographic is displaying to the target audience. You need to identify your target audience and prepare the Facebook Ad campaign accordingly. The micro-targeting feature of Facebook Ads allows you to identify and reach your target audience. You need to pay the money based on the reach required for your advertisement.

Although these two platforms are different, the features and utility of Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are quite similar; it can be challenging to decide as to which works better for your business. Here is a comparison for your perusal: –

– Google AdWords is a paid advertising platform where you target specific keywords, and your website is shown on top of the search engine results page when a user is searching for them. If the user clicks on the link, the money will deduct from your account. Your advertising depends on a target keyword rather than a particular market. You should consult a Google AdWords agency about developing an effective Google Ads campaign. Whereas, the online marketing platform Facebook also provides paid advertisements but is very different from Google AdWords. When it comes to Facebook Ads, instead of meeting the customers organically, through keyword searches, you pay to be noticed by potential customers. Facebook Ads charge you based on reach desired by you.

– Price is another crucial factor. For Google AdWords, you need to add a certain amount in your account and also set the maximum bid for each particular keyword. The amount will deduct from your account, only if the target user clicks on the ad, i.e. you don’t need to pay even if your ad is displayed on top of SERP but is not clicked by the target customer. When it comes to Facebook Ads, you need to pay based on the extent of reach required by you. The money has to pay in advance, and you will have to pay, even if the target customers see the ad but do not click on it. You should get in touch with a Facebook advertising agency that offers various options if you are keen on advertising on Facebook.

– AdWords beats Facebook Ads when it comes to customer intent. Google AdWords uses the power of Google search to display your website link on top of the search result page. As the target users have logged on to Google search to look for some particular information, and if your website offers that information, they are more likely to click on your website link. It is a veiled form of pull marketing, wherein the user has requested that information. You should enlist the services of a Google partner to get more benefits out of Google AdWords.

But when it comes to Facebook, users go to Facebook to chat and interact with their friends. There is no explicit intention of making a purchase or looking for particular information. This platform can be used to engage your target users. You can use Facebook to create social media exposure and a sense of community around your brand. Therefore when they see your product or services somewhere, they are more likely to purchase them.

– On either of the two platforms, you can use the settings to target customers based on age, gender, location, income, and several other factors. But for advanced targeting options, Facebook is your hands-down winner. Facebook offers you a wide range of options to identify and micro-target the audience. If you have a niche target audience, Facebook Ads will be an excellent choice for your agency.

Google AdWords is used as a marketing tool widely by both B2B and B2C firms. Google AdWords is suitable for keyword-based marketing strategies. Facebook Ads work better for B2C businesses, in particular, those who sell cheaper products and services because after customers are exposed to them several times, they are more likely to make the purchase impulsively. Moreover, Facebook will work better if you are attempting to create a market for a new product or service and wish to make the target users more aware of them. Now, which one of these two is better depends entirely on your objectives and target audience.