Getting the Link Building Game Right – Links That Help and Links That Do Not

Link Building

Let us check out the best backlinks for effective SEO as recommended by the best SEO company in India.

Editorial backlinks

The editorial mentions form the best kind of backlinks for SEO. It is the type of backlink wherein different website links and refers your website to as quality content. The editorial backlinks could be incorporated as:

  • Citation by someone from the company or a piece of content as the source of relevant information
  • Citing your parent website as a builder of the infographic content
  • Referring to the website as the resource for any additional information
  • Interviewing a person who is associated with the website
  • Including your content or website as the link roundup

Link Building

Getting editorial backlinks

According to the best digital marketing companies in Mumbai, these are a few steps to getting editorial backlinks:

  • Create evergreen, high-quality content which serves as the main resource for any kind of information.
  • Develop solid content marketing.
  • Publish the kind of content which showcases your brand and your website as the thought leader in the business domain so that different websites would want to quote, cite, interview and source material from your website.
  • Create interesting shareable content which other websites would want to discuss.

Guest blog backlinks

Blog posting by guests is another great way to get valuable backlinks. Whenever you publish a guest blog on the website, you can include the editorial backlink inside the content. Such backlinks create a reliable method of building authority and trust through different influential publications.

Backlinks of business profiles

In a majority of cases, when you build a profile of your business online, you could include the backlinks to the parent website. Such links on social media platforms, business listings, and industry-related directories show the search engine that the website is of high quality and authoritative.

You could build your profile on different well-known review websites and directories, such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc. within your industry. You could even consider the services of the best digital marketing companies in Mumbai to manage and build your business profile. This could allow more organic traffic to your website.

Webinar links

Building valuable resources on the website often influence other websites to include backlinks to your website. The top quality piece of great content often creates links that could even be a webinar recording. Different websites often embed or link the webinars of other brands to their website. This leads to both brand mentions as well as effective backlinks. A reputed SEO company in India can help you achieve this objective. You could even use the blog promotion settings to gain attention for a webinar recording.

You could get quality webinar backlinks by giving a purpose to your webinars and post them as a recording on the website so that online visitors can link the webinar and visit your website. Moreover, you could find the best guest blogging websites which could be eager to equip webinars as well as the available resources for the website.

Free link to tools

One more way in which you could get different websites linking back to the various interesting content on your website is by providing them with free tools. The free tool can consist of a basic tool, such as the loan calculator or an even smaller version of the tool, such as the Audience Overlap platforms, or Site Overview. These tools could provide valuable resources to other websites and they may want to link these tools to their websites.

Moreover, on the free variants of the paid platforms, you could add call to action buttons for visitors to sign up to get the full service or product. This will help you drive acquisition along with creating awareness for your website.

With these amazing backlink ideas, you could create highly effective backlinks for your website and generate more online traffic towards your website. You could even include the best SEO packages in India, to gain enhanced visibility for your website.

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