Five Ways AI Is Changing The Game Of Content Marketing   

Automated Content Marketing

As a content marketer, you know how time-consuming creating and optimizing content can be. The hours add up quickly between researching keywords, analyzing data and trends, optimizing for search engines, and writing the content. Valuable time that could be spent creating and publishing more content is consumed on necessary but tedious tasks. Fortunately, artificial intelligence is changing the game for content marketers and providing solutions to simplify and streamline the AI in the Content Creation process. AI tools can help with keyword research, content optimization, and even generating draft content, allowing you to focus on high-level strategy and ideation. If you’re looking for ways to scale your content marketing and gain back valuable hours each week, here are five ways AI is transforming content marketing and how you can leverage these tools.  

AI Powers Keyword Research and Content Optimization  

As a content marketer, you likely spend hours researching keywords and optimizing your content to rank well in search engines. Artificial intelligence (AI) tools can help AI Content Strategy and automate many of these tedious tasks, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of your role. AI-powered keyword research tools analyze huge datasets to uncover popular and relevant keywords for your content. They provide metrics like search volume, competition, and suggested keyword clusters to help determine the best keywords to target. Some tools even suggest content ideas and titles optimized for search ranking. Google’s Keyword Planner tool provides basic keyword metrics and suggestions for free.  

AI and SEO also powers content optimization. AI tools your draft content and provide feedback on improving search ranking. They check for keyword usage, content structure, readability, and more. You can create higher-quality content faster by leveraging AI for tasks like keyword research and content optimization. The time savings add up, giving you more opportunities to focus on content strategy, creativity, and relationship building. While AI will not replace content marketers, it will make them more efficient and impactful.  

AI Tools Help Choose the Right Content Topics  

Choosing suitable topics to focus your efforts on as a content marketer can be challenging. However, AI tools are making this process more efficient and effective. By analyzing your target audience’s interests and behaviours, as well as trends in your industry, AI can recommend topics that are most likely to resonate and gain traction.  

  • Keyword searches: AI and SEO track the volume and growth of keyword searches related to your business to determine topics of high interest. Focusing on these high-interest topics will increase the likelihood of organically finding your content.  
  • Social media buzz: AI monitors trending hashtags, discussions, and shares on social media platforms to detect emerging topics in your industry. Creating content on these trending topics allows you to participate in active conversations and reach new audiences.  
  • Questions from your audience: Automated Content Marketing can analyze the questions your audience is asking on platforms like Quora, Reddit, and online forums. Addressing these questions with blog posts, videos, or other content is an excellent way to provide value to your readers.  
  • Industry reports and influencer content: AI tracks the content published by influencers and media outlets in your industry. Paying attention to the topics they cover helps ensure you stay on the cutting edge.  

By leaning on AI in Content Creation for topic research and recommendations, you can feel confident creating content on subjects that will resonate most with your target audience. While human judgment still plays an important role, AI tools help content marketers work smarter and more efficiently. 

AI Can Help Personalize Content at Scale  

AI content strategy can analyze your audience and customers to determine their interests, pain points, and preferences. By understanding your target audience deeper, you can create content that speaks directly to their needs and desires. Once you have a firm grasp of your audience segments, AI lets you personalize content for each segment at scale. AI can suggest relevant content types, topics, keywords, images, and more for each audience segment. It can then help you optimize content for each piece to improve engagement and conversion.  

AI does not stop working after you publish your content. It continues to analyze how your audience interacts with your content to determine what works and can be improved. Analyzing click-through rates, time on page, and bounce rates to see which content resonates most with your audience. Detecting which keywords, topics, content types, etc., generate the most traffic and leads. Pinpointing issues like poor readability, lack of visuals, or weak CTAs that you can fix to boost performance. Suggest new related topics and content types based on industry trends and search engine algorithm changes.  

By leveraging automated content marketing, you can gain valuable insights into your audience, personalize content for each segment, and continuously optimize your content to drive the best results. The result is a highly targeted, hyper-relevant content strategy at a scale that would be impossible to achieve manually.  

AI Improves Search Engine Optimization  

As an AI system analyzes your content, it can suggest optimizations to improve search engine ranking. For example, an AI may determine that your page lacks the optimal keyword density and distribution. It can then recommend adding specific keywords to page titles, headers, content, alt text, and meta descriptions to boost search visibility. AI also excels at technical SEO audits, checking for issues like broken links, duplicate content, slow page load times, and mobile-friendliness. You can uncover and resolve problems hindering your search ranking by running an AI-powered audit. Fixing these types of technical issues is an easy way to give your SEO a quick boost.  

Voice assistants and voice search are becoming increasingly popular, so optimizing for voice search is vital. An AI system can analyze how people speak and the questions they ask voice assistants. People may be more likely to ask, “How do I start a business?” rather than “Steps to starting a business.” The AI can then recommend rephrasing your content and metadata to match people’s language in voice search queries.  

Optimizing for voice search often means using natural, conversational language. AI in content creation can also suggest including examples of voice search questions your content answers. Adding these types of optimization helps ensure your content ranks well in voice search results. By leveraging AI for technical SEO audits, keyword optimization, and voice search optimization, you can improve your search ranking and increase organic traffic to your content. While AI won’t replace the human marketer, it is a handy tool for scaling and enhancing your SEO efforts.  

AI Helps Analyze and Refine Content Performance  

Once your content has been published, AI tools can help analyze its performance and suggest optimizations to improve results. By tracking key metrics like views, shares, backlinks, and rankings, AI can determine what’s working and not working. Some headlines, images, or sections resonate more with your audience.  

AI in content strategy enables marketers to test multiple content variations to determine an optimal combination. You can create several headlines, images, intros, or content structures, and AI will track which ones perform the best according to your key metrics. It can then recommend combining the highest-performing elements into a single, optimized content. This testing and iterating approach, powered by AI, helps you publish the most compelling and impactful content for your audience.  

The data and insights gained from AI tools provide valuable guidance for creating and optimizing future content. You’ll better understand what types of content, topics, media, and messaging strongly resonate with your audience. You can then create content that builds upon these insights, incorporating elements that have proven successful while also experimenting with new ideas. AI-based content marketing is a continuous learning process, with technology and marketers working together to gain insights, test theories, and produce the best results.  


The Future of AI in Content Marketing Looks Bright. As AI advances, the future of automated content marketing powered by artificial intelligence looks extremely promising. AI has the potential to transform content creation and make the lives of marketers much easier. AI can analyze data to determine the topics and content types that resonate most with your target audience. It can suggest blog post ideas, social media content, videos, and more based on current trends and your customers’ interests. If you are looking for a way to leverage AI for the growth of your brand, then Savit Interactive is the right place with experienced professionals to help you with all kinds of digital marketing solutions

Augmented content marketing is improving at optimizing content for search engines and personalizing content for individual readers. AI tools can help choose keywords, optimize page titles and meta descriptions, and suggest content variations tailored to different audience segments. This helps to improve traffic, engagement, and conversion rates. While AI will not replace human marketers, it can take over many routine and repetitive tasks currently required for content marketing. This allows Savit’s marketers to focus their time and energy on the creative, strategic work AI cannot do. The future of AI in content creation is helping Savit’s professionals work smarter. Connect with Savit Interactive today and grow along with the latest market trends and updates!