Don’t go out, Go Online! What businesses should do during COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by surprise. Many governments that underestimated the true impact of the virus are now following strict lockdown rules to try and curb the virus by breaking the chain.

Countries that have opted for a complete lockdown are certain to gain some crucial ground in their fight against this outbreak. However, an upside to the situation is that in these days of social distancing, browsing the internet and social media has become everyone’s favourite pastime.


The efficient use of the online medium has become a potent weapon for many businesses to wade through the non-functioning of their business and the economy in general. Many businesses, with their efficient planning strategies, have opted for different online marketing services and social media communication to engage with their target audience differently. If you are not doing so yet, this might interest you.

Reuters (London) states that amid the “virus lockdown, social media proves a lifeline.” It goes on to say that there’s a continuous stream of content in the form of news, expert commentary, analyses of the virus and its impact on the economy, etc. Work from home (#WFH) becomes the norm and the most trending hashtag on Twitter, with tons of information on how to do so successfully.

Here are 7 things you can do to improve your sales in the times of the pandemic:

1. Get an online agency

The easiest way to spruce up your business growth and boost your sales during the lockdown is by hiring a good online agency. A digital marketing agency will help you engage with your target audience, especially now, when most of your audience is at home, hooked on the internet. A full-service digital agency will develop an effective planning strategy and marketing strategy that will initiate engagement with your audience.

2. Develop good content

The next most important thing is to create good content. A digital agency can help you reach your audience but good content, something you must ideate and conceptualize, will keep your audience engaged. Good content is the soul of online marketing services, without which you cannot achieve engagement. Hence, it is important to provide your audience with great and authentic content regularly. This will do your business a lot of good and will show in your sales figures.

3. Work on onsite activities

It is important to focus on onsite activities and SEO services too. Your onsite activities play a very important role in employee satisfaction as well as client engagement. These are trying times and working from home can make your employees anxious, creating stress about their future and job security. Onsite activities will boost the morale of your workforce. It also ramps up business growth, compelling your audience to stop and take notice of your products and services.

4. Run promotional offers

Brand Promotion is the key element in establishing the benefits of your products and services to your target audience. Despite being so important, most brands out there, including your competition, is not doing this. So, start ideating about the different promotional offers you can run.

Remember, a well-designed digital marketing and social media promotion strategy will attract more prospective customers, guarantee long-term success, and make your business more profitable. Promotional offers are a great way to engage and attract the audience towards small and medium business. You can run a limited period promotional offer to attract interest and exclusivity, ensuring that the audience takes action.

5. Get in touch with the customer via digital tools

Digital tools are a great way to contact and communicate with your customers. Stay in touch with your customers through informative emails, instant messages, free coupons and special offers. This way, your customer will be engaged and educated about current issues, scenarios and offerings. With different digital tools, you can send personalised text messages or digital receipts, thus, helping boost customer engagement.

6. Boost your online presence

In such trying times, small and medium businesses need an active online presence to boost their outreach and sales. Only your online presence can help you achieve your business numbers. And, honestly, being active on the internet is not as difficult as many perceive it to be. You can simply start by increasing your social media activity and interactivity. You have an information-hungry audience, make the most of it.

7. Help your customers

Finally, help your customers when they need it the most. Today, the world is going through a crisis. Even the most sophisticated service providers seem to be faltering in the face of the pandemic. In such times, providing relevant and important online information can help your customers immensely. Ensure that even if you are doing coronavirus-related posts, they must be positive, and if possible, humorous. Try and avoid sharing negative messages even if they are statistically true. The world can do with a little more of goodness and doing so will add value to your business.

Nowadays, when most of your target audience is indoors, we urge you, “don’t go out, go online!” Invest in a sensible digital marketing strategy as digital marketing campaigns can target your audience on the internet and social media. Also, efficient SEO services will ensure that your website ranks high and gets a regular flow of organic traffic to boost your online presence.

The pandemic may have triggered a worldwide lockdown, but with the right brand promotion, social media promotion, etc., all can experience business growth, including small and medium businesses. Start now and get ahead of your competition!