12 Brilliant Tactics to Use Facebook that Drive More Traffic on Your Blog Post

There are limitless methods to sell your blog post content, however, the maximum of them are tremendously time-consuming. We have plenty of Facebook advertising agencies contacting influencers and obtaining backlinks are both effective strategies, marketers rarely have the time to do so.

The social media platform is becoming increasingly popular among marketers, with Facebook advertising India, audience Network currently reaching over 1 billion individuals every month. And there is a good reason for it: Facebook’s highly specific audience-targeting allows you to reach just the right people at the right time.

12 Brilliant Tactics to Use Facebook that Drive More Traffic on Your Blog Post

It is critical to driving Facebook traffic to your blog and website. Your efforts as a marketer will fail if you do not have readers, regardless of how good your posts are. Increasing the number of people who read your blog articles by using Facebook traffic. Here are 12 Facebook strategies for driving traffic to your blog and website that are actionable, practical, and innovative.

1. Make your images big

Posts with photographs receive 120 % more engagement on Facebook than posts without visuals. Make your photographs stand out on Facebook, and you will get a lot more likes, shares, comments, and clicks.

In some of your Facebook blog post updates, use full-sized photographs. To evaluate your success with full-sized photos and any of the others, look at your Facebook Insights and your blog site data. It is correctly said by someone that your images speak your language!

2. Make your Updates short

SMO services in Mumbai are coming up with the trend of keeping your information engaging and catchy, you must keep it short, sweet, and compact. Short updates need not necessarily be less informative, but they should be precise and aim to produce a complete message. Readers will only find it impactful when they are attracted by the short liners, generating some interesting stories to reveal.

3. Ask Questions

Questions naturally invoke a response, don’t they?

Facebook Advertising agencies use questions to encourage your fans to click through. Make your inquiries smart, succinct, and enticing. Keep in mind your audience, and make sure your inquiry is relevant to your blog post. You can ask a variety of questions, including fill-in-the-blank, trivia, personal opinions, and so on.

4. Use Quotes

Facebook advertising India uses quotes that ignite matters of conciseness in your blogs. Quotes generally have the habit of connecting dots and making it more believable. You may even personalise it by inserting a photograph of the person or writer who came up with the quotation.

5. Use Captivating headlines

Headlines should never fail to attract people’s attention to the ad. It is one of the biggest sources to invoke the reader’s attention and interest in the ad. It if fails, readers will not click on the advertisement. So, it is primarily extremely significant to have captivating, craftily designed and well-written headlines that are intriguing and catchy.

6. Share a lifestyle

It is essentially very important to add value to people’s lives when they are buying your product and services, they just do not buy them, they do this to enhance their lifestyles and to have an enriching experience. Facebook is a social media platform where people may keep up with their friends. You should also be posting recommendations to enrich the lives of your target market as a business.

7. Host Contests on Your Blog & Website

Publish engaging material, such as contests, on Facebook to drive visitors to your site. Then, by publishing it on your Facebook page, you may advertise your contest.

Many businesses pander to their fans’ desire to interact with them by sponsoring Facebook contests. Change up your marketing plan to get more people to visit your website. Run contests on your blog as well. Make your contests more shareable by posting about them on social media.

8. Target the right people

SMO services in Mumbai define their target audience to ensure that you only reach those who are likely to be interested in the material you are promoting. The cost per click can also be affected by audience selection.

You can target people based on:

  • Interest
  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Relationship status
  • Purchase behaviours
  • Education level

9. Optimize Your Post for Organic Reach

Boosting your Facebook post is the next stage in advertising your blog content. Those who like your page and their friends, or people who have previously engaged with your page, are the two audiences to target. Facebook Advertising India helps in promoting your content to one of these groups first builds social proof that it is worth liking and sharing.

10. Post-Short Blog Videos

There is nothing like a world of imagination, people love to see your world of imagination. But it works best when you show them in a movie or a video. Make your blog images as unique as possible. Make a quick Vine or Instagram video to demonstrate the substance of your blog post to your viewers. Then, on your Facebook Page, embed the video.

Your Fans can get a taste of what your content is about without visiting the site by embedding the video. Fans will engage with your post and click on your blog content if your video is compelling enough.

11. Testimonials

It is all about sharing on social media. As a result, distribute blog articles from thought leaders in your field, your fans, and other reliable sources. Facebook advertising agencies use content that is both relevant to your market and relevant to your company.

This method helps your company appear more willing to share, resulting in reciprocal Fan shares, and your customers will value your educational content, which can lead to customer loyalty.

12. Facebook Ads are impactful

Your reach to Fans and targeted audiences is increased with Facebook ads. Use them to get your blog posts noticed and to bring Facebook traffic to your blog and website.

To target your blog updates to Fans and their friends, you can utilise what Facebook used to call promoted posts. To reach Facebook audiences with your specific demographics and interests, you can utilise more tailored Facebook advertisements.


Sharing your blog articles on Facebook at the correct time and to the correct audience will greatly increase the number of people who see them. You’ll have a better chance of succeeding if you can produce captivating material and employ an appealing design.