10 Proven Ways to Increase Your Website Visibility in Google Search

SEO is the best way to increase website traffic and convert your visitors into potential customers. SEO is an important ingredient of a successful digital marketing strategy. So, let us check out the 10 best ways to increase the website visibility on google search.

1.  Do SEO Audit

Conduct an audit of all the important SEO factors, which lets you determine the performance of the website on search engine rankings. According to every best SEO company in India, you could use the Google webmaster application to detect the different errors, which impact the SEO, such as canonical errors, 404 errors, redirects, broken links, as well as sitemap errors.

Once you identify the particular errors that have affected the search engine rankings of your website, fix them at the earliest as this will boost your overall search engine rankings. Google keeps changing its search engine algorithms, therefore, it is better to conduct an SEO audit at regular intervals when you see a dip in your search engine rankings.

2.  Build A Site Map

The sitemap enables you to make sure that your webpages get indexed properly by all the search engines. Sitemaps that are most commonly used by people and could be mainly divided into 2 types: XML and HTML sitemaps. According to the best SEO company in India, you should create a sitemap of your website and then add it to the Google webmaster tool. This will help you identify the errors and monitor the status and health of the website. It will also aid in monitoring the performance of the website and get updates if and when the website underperforms at the search engine rankings.

3.  Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile is the next generation of digital technology. Almost every individual around the world owns a smartphone device, and the majority of them have access to high-speed data on their mobiles. According to an SEO services company in India, more than 90% of those individuals are searching for some information or the other on their mobile phones. They seek a quick response to their queries on their devices. Therefore, your website must be truly mobile-friendly to get better rankings on search engine results.

A mobile-friendly website would provide a better user experience to your visitors and may convert them into potential customers.

4.  Apply Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords help you to effectively target the online audience in your geographical location. Therefore, apply more long-tail keywords in your website content. This will allow you to be more visible in the local search engine results and would enable you to effectively reach out to your local target audience.

That is to say that if you intend to use the keyword “network provider”, use the keyword “network provider in India” instead.

5.  Use Engaging And Relevant Content

Your website should contain the highest quality content to attract the most visitors to your website. According to a leading SEO services company in India, you may have the best of website designs and user inferences, but if you do not back it up with relevant and engaging content, then you stand to lose out mightily on search rankings among major search engines.

Therefore, create engaging content for your website. Add eye-catching subjects or titles and back them up with unique, informative, and high-quality content. Show yourself as an expert in your domain. This will greatly improve your visibility on the internet.

6.  Use Relevant And Engaging Images

Powerful written content should be backed by equally powerful images to put the message across to your target audience. Therefore, use images that are relevant to your content, as they have the power to engage and entice your audience into taking action in the favour of your business.

Additionally, use engaging images with appropriate tags and meta descriptions on the blog posts and the webpages. You could use different SEO tools to help identify images in search engine results.

7.  Effective Use Of Social Media

Almost everybody today is active on social media in some way or the other. It is the new destination where people spend endless hours aimlessly browsing through the pages. For a business, this is the customer goldmine. You do not need to go searching for an audience when all of them are right there on social media waiting for exciting, engaging, and interactive content.

If you can attract them with engaging content, you can create newer organic visitors to your website, eventually converting them into potential customers. Therefore, create and implement a proper social media strategy to attract more visitors to your website.

8.  Build Engagement With Your Visitors

When you have created engaging content, share it on various social media platforms for your audience to see. Moreover, interact and engage with the visitors who have liked or committed to your posts. Engage in a conversation and provide them with meaningful solutions to your needs. If you cannot do so, at least lead them to the source where they can find solutions. This way you do not just get the opportunity to engage with the visitors, but you also get the chance to enhance your brand image in their minds.

9.  Comment On High Authority Websites

Comments on blogs are among the best methods of getting backlinks, making an engagement, and building relationships with the best bloggers. According to a pro digital marketing company in India, this activity helps to drive high-quality organic traffic to your website, enhances brand awareness, as well as generates sales and leads for the business.

10.  Optimize The Reputation

Optimize your brand and your business for better visibility and search engine rankings. Also, create a better user experience for your customer and visitors, especially those which appear in the SERP.

These are the 10 proven methods in which you could increase the visibility of your website on Google search.

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