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The average time spent on social media is 2 hours and 29 minutes. Social media has brought the world closer and connected us to our loved ones even from across the oceans. Be it taking a break from work or connecting with our friends, and social media is involved in countless activities that we perform daily. This massive amount of screen time has made social media platforms a boon for brands who wish to gain their audience’s attention.

The best part about marketing your business on social media is that you can use it the way you want and fulfil your marketing objectives. You can use social media to build more brand awareness, generate quality leads, nurture the leads, implement social listening, find new opportunities, build brand authenticity, grow your audience, build a community or drive sales; social media can help you do it all. All you need is a trusted social media partner and an effective plan that not only meets your goals but also fits right into your budget.

Keeping in mind the requirements of brands, we have curated the ideal social media packages that will help you achieve your goals effortlessly. To see how our SMO packages can take your business to new levels, check out what services are included in our packages.

What do our
SMO packages include?

Our services go beyond posting on social media platforms! Gaining popularity on social media, spreading the right message and reaching the right audience at the right time cannot be achieved by just putting out posts on the platforms. It needs the right formula of strategy, planning, understanding of the platform and creativity to make the most of the platforms. Here is the list of services that our SMO packages include that can help you grow your business exponentially.

Depending on the type of SMO package you choose, you can get access to the following services from the industry experts at Savit.

  • Profile creation on various social media platforms
  • Creatives and posts
  • Special posts for events, announcements, festivals, special days and celebrations
  • Optimisation of the channels
  • Blogpost writing and publishing
  • Blogpost marketing and sharing
  • Press release submissions on all platforms
  • Pre-SMO Analysis and statistic reports
  • SMO monthly progress report

When you choose to work with Savit as your Social Media Optimisation partner, along with the above-mentioned services, you also get access to our undivided attention, customer support services and expertise that is hard to find elsewhere.

Gear up your Social media Game with our
affordable and effective SMO packages

Wish to gain your brand visibility in front of 4.70 billion social media users? You’re in the right place.

Social media is no longer just an option to amp up your marketing game. In fact, it is a smart way to leverage fast, inexpensive and effective ways to reach and build connections across the globe and gain valuable insights.

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage, build trust, spread awareness and connect with your target audience. It gives you a chance to express your brand voice in a unique and creative manner, just the way you want. All it takes is the right platform, a plan of action, timely execution and consistent monitoring to get desirable outcomes.

Savit Interactive Services Pvt. Ltd. is based in Mumbai and offers the best comprehensive range of services in the most cost-effective way. Our social media optimization packages have been designed keeping in mind to help your business leverage the most out of social media channels while meeting the ever-changing social media dynamics and features.

Packages Tailored For
Your Needs

Search Engine Optimization Packages
for Six Months / Recommended for start-ups

Deliverables Package 1 Package 2
Social Media Platforms to be optimized 2 2
Posts/Creatives to be prepared 12 to 15 16 to 20
Custom Posts for Events/Celebrations or Announcements Yes Yes
Keyword Based Content for Postings Yes Yes
Blog Post Writing & Publishing 1 -
Blog Post Sharing Yes -
Initial Review & Analysis (Once In Six Months)
Initial Profile/Brand Analysis Yes Yes
Competitor Social Profile Analysis Up to 2 Up to 2
Pre-SMO Profile Statistics Report Yes Yes
Writing/reviewing & updating your Social Bio’s including Company Yes Yes
Overview + Descriptions etc. Yes Yes
Customer Reviews/Ratings (Optimization) Yes Yes
Press Release(Submissions on Social Media Platforms) Yes Yes
Social Media Optimization Monthly Report Monthly Monthly
Customer Support
Email / Chat / Phone Yes Yes
Skype / Phone Call for Review Meetings Yes Yes

Scale your brand on social media
with the specially curated SMO packages

We have carefully designed our SMO packages in Australia to match your most fundamental to specific goals from social media marketing, be it awareness, reach, engagement or generating relevant leads. The key social media channels we focus on are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube Optimization and Twitter.

Furthermore, these SMO packages in Mumbai and across Australia can be tailored to your unique needs and can be upgraded over time. When you outsource your social media with Savit Interactive, you get access to a lot of creative resources and a team that works in sync with you to develop a customized social media strategy and execution process. From suggesting what’s the best channel for your business to leveraging its most effective features, our team will assist you in understanding how social media works to fulfil your brand goals, i.e. Awareness, reach, engagement, connections, views, etc.

When you sign up with us, we will work out to give you the best deal in terms of deliverables and value. Take a look at our affordable SMO Packages in Australia and choose The Best Social Media Marketing Plan for your business needs!

Let’s help you scale your brand on social media with the Right Channel, Right Strategy & Right Audience. We also offer custom solutions which are unique to your brand. Connect with us, and we can give you an integrated plan.

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The short answer is- it depends. At Savit, we offer two types of social media plans. Depending on your business scale, marketing objective, and budget, you can choose the one that best serves your purpose. Package one offers 12-15 posts per month, while Package 2 offers 16-20 posts.

Keywords are the base of every digital marketing campaign. They are words and phrases that people would look up online to search for relevant content, products or services. By using the keywords relevant to your brand and its business in places like your profile setup, captions, ad campaigns and hashtags, we optimise the content for algorithms and increase your overall visibility.

Which platform you use for marketing your brand entirely depends on your marketing goals. Popular channels like Facebook and Instagram are the first choice for several marketers, but it is important to take other factors into consideration as well. Every brand is unique and needs a platform that allows them to communicate its brand message better and achieve its marketing goals.

Ads are used on almost all social media platforms, and they are generally used for the same purpose. Depending on which platform you choose to promote your posts, you can set up the advertisement directly from the post to boost your engagement. You can also benefit from the social media channel’s advertising plan to set up more advanced ads that connect with the audience and make it easier for them to engage with you.

When all your social media channels are managed smartly, you will surely be able to observe growth in your reach via targeted ads, carefully curated copy, content that is worth saving and sharing, and catchy creatives and practices that have proven to be ideal for specific platforms.