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Today, apps are being used widely as life has become better and more manageable with Apps nowadays. If you have an app that can make people’s lives easier, you would surely want it to reach the right people when they search for it. ASO is the process of improving your app’s visibility on the app store so it can reach the right users at the right time. Each app is ranked in app stores using a variety of criteria. Utilizing effective keywords, beneficial photos, and localised descriptions will help you rank higher and increase downloads as a result of that visibility. The strategy for increasing an app's visibility in an app store is called app store optimization.

Although ASO and SEO are sometimes contrasted, the former mainly pertains to an app store's search feature and ranking formulas. The overlap between SEO and ASO can be found in a number of areas, which can be useful when first attempting to improve your App store rankings. In actuality, ASO is a closed-site search engine. The appropriate indexation, quality content, and manipulation of the App store's ranking algorithms are all necessary for improving the overall visibility of your app.

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App stores are considered the new frontier of business and eCommerce. Everyone has an app, whether downloading an app to order food or a high-res RPG game, ordering a car, or filling taxes. No matter how large or small a business is, apps are used to reach their target audiences on mobile devices. Mobile marketing is different from any other form of marketing out there. You may feel that paid campaigns are just enough to attract and retain users, but App Store Optimization leads to sustained app store success. ASO is a continuous process of refinement and adaptation of app store listing assets. You can organically build your presence on the app stores over time to evolve your mobile marketing strategy to adapt to app store algorithms and user behaviours.

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The advantage of ASO is that it can increase your app's visibility in the app stores. People can find you in the app store even if they are not searching for your business in the first place; this makes it easy for you to drive traffic to your business.

The process of increasing app conversion rate, improving app visibility, and getting more downloads is known as ‘App Store Optimization.’

App stores evolve, and so does ASO. The requirements to keep your app visible need to be top-notch. After hiring an agency, ASO experts understand your brand, go beyond just targeting keywords, and focus more on measuring users' intent and response.

People are always looking for apps as it is much easier to use an app than go through multiple websites. A whopping 70% of smartphone users have been reported to utilize search to discover new apps.

Every word cannot be a keyword, so you must narrow down the terms and the user intent to qualify as a keyword. ASO keyword should target the user’s intent, such as problems or needs, or any desired solution.

It is stated that people are more likely to try a new app for easy usage, and with increased visibility due to ASO, the downloads will be increased than usual, that can eventually lead to a higher conversion rate.