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What is Savit Promote? SAVIT® promote is a comprehensive online search engine promotion solution designed for today's evolving Internet environment. The solution is such designed that it significantly reduces the cost of marketing and increases the company's presence on the Internet. Its comprehensive set of features and managed facilities and services improve a website's traffic which increase its visibility and make it a BIG success.

Savit promote provides:

Website and page Analysis

Usually designers tend to overlook a website's need to register on the search engine. Critical information from a search engine's point of view is either left out or improperly compiled on the pages. A complete analysis of your website is done from a search engine's point of view and suggestions are provided for optimizing the site. Different engines behave differently and knowing these techniques not only help you to position yourself better but also keeps you away from spamming a search engine or directory and getting permanently blocked. These changes form the basic stepping-stones to a successful positioned website.

Keyword and Key-Phrase Analysis

Using sophisticated analysis tools, we work with you to develop the ideal set of keywords and key-phrases to use for promoting your site. We examine the content of your site and cross-reference that against our database of the most popular search terms on each of the major search engines.

Directory Submissions

Directories, such as Open Directory and Looksmart, are different from search engines, because they are edited by humans and not spidered by computers. Therefore, page optimization strategies do not work with the directories. Instead, a different set of strategies needs to be followed to have your website achieve a better ranking in these directories.

Search Engine Submissions

Submitting your site to the search engines in strict accordance with the anti-spam guidelines established by each of the engines is very important. This is essential to keep you from getting permanently blocked from many of these engines. Many sites usually get blocked without even knowing that they have been blocked! Improper submissions can kill your website even before it started!
Eg: when we are watching a TV show and suddenly commercials starts coming we are aware that they are commercials, same way it should be clear to the person on the web that he / she is viewing a commercial, reviews, comments by third person or some thing else.

Link Popularity Analysis

Link popularity analysis is one of the best ways to quantifiably and independently measure your website's online awareness and overall visibility. Simply, link popularity refers to the total number of links or "votes" that a search engine has found for your website. Link popularity is essentially a technology that is being used ever increasingly by search engines to position your website.

Traffic Analysis

Tracks your visitors and where they came from. Traffic Analysis answers questions like: "What keywords are people searching for to find my site?" or "Which search engines send me the most traffic?" and more! Information gathered by the analysis can later be used to create even more focused pages. This will help to ensure continued success while giving you measurable results for tracking the amount of traffic and advertisement generated for your website.

What Does The Package Deal Contain?
The Package deal is made such that it essentially takes away all the work of search engine promotion at a fraction of the cost of what it would actually take to have the same type of results replicated in-house. The Savit Promote Package consists of the following:

  • Complete Website analysis
  • Website optimization / creation on the basis of SEO guidelines
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Submissions in search engines and directories.
  • Complete Traffic Analysis Report

What is the cost?
We understand, that for any promotion you would be having some specific budget and not all companies can allocate the same budget for promoting the site. Hence we as a SEO Company Mumbai (Savit Interactive) offer you different packages to fit in your budget. We will request you to kindly mail us your website address if you are already done with your website or alternatively, let us know your website brief for us to quote you for both designing as well as optimizing your website.

We have tried our best to keep your priorities & needs in mind. If you need any further clarifications or information, kindly contact us.

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