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Established in 2004, Savit International has emerged as a digital marketing agency specializing in the spectrum of digital marketing services. With a clientele across boundaries, Savit Interactive has delivered desired results successfully for more than 2200 clients. As one of the most trusted and credible internet marketing agencies, Savit Interactive thrives on perfection in every digital marketing arena, including SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC, Website Development, etc.

We at Savit Interactive specialize in implementing result-oriented strategies for all our clients. Our digital marketing experts blend their experience, creativity, and best skills to ensure the best quality results regardless of the digital marketing domain. Driving results by using SEO, SEM, PPC, and SMO, along with other aspects of internet marketing services, we at Savit Interactive ensure you of yielding higher ROI and check off your marketing objectives. Along with developing effective strategies that optimize the digital portals of brands for more reach, leads, and revenue, we also analyze our clients' records and updated presence to aid a fully functional endeavor that helps achieve future marketing goals. Offering top-notch digital marketing services, we at Savit Interactive, as one of the best Internet marketing service agencies, have established our client base in India, UAE, the US, UK, and Australia and strive to expand further with efficiency, proficiency, and our team of best and skilled professionals.

Prominently leading as one of the best 360° digital marketing agencies, Savit Interactive has successfully delivered projects including SEO, SEM, PPC, ASO, Influencer marketing, and Website Design and Development for brands across industries. Whether small-size businesses, start-ups, or MNCs, Savit Interactive is trusted for its internet marketing services by one and all across Industries.

Committed to delivering the best and most reliable internet marketing services to the clientele, Savit Interactive strives to serve top-quality results with consistency and proficiency. With reliable and credible internet marketing services, we believe in helping our clients outrank their competitors across search engines and be found by their target audience.

Savit’s Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

Conducting thorough keyword research and implementing ethical Seo practices, we mindfully curate strategies that help you organically rank higher in the list of SERPs. Along with increased visibility and top rankings, our SEO strategies as an Internet marketing service help you outrank your competitors by implementing extensive keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, and other white hat SEO techniques. Aiming to drive better results, our services ensure high-quality leads, increase traffic along with the improved conversion of the potential leads.

Franchise SEO

To enhance your overall market reach and improve your brand reputation, we at Savit Interactive thoughtfully develop a franchise marketing plan that helps you achieve your marketing objective efficiently. Revolving around your ideal prospects and service location, we strategically optimize your business listings and publish geo-targeted and modified service pages, including blog posts, for better reach. Our strategies ensure brand consistency and invite positive online reviews from your loyal and best customers. This provides high rankings and helps with promoting all the franchisees in a positive light.

Local SEO

Since Local SEO helps with driving footsteps at physical and virtual stores, optimizing the brand's digital portal with local Seo for better results is essential. Studies highlight that around 88% of consumers search for local businesses online before taking action. Thus, ensuring effective results and increased potential leads by active searches, we at Savit Interactive strategically optimize your business with Local SEO, ranking your business on top for your target group, generating more leads, and increasing sales. As a leading Local SEO company, our internet marketing service enhances your SEO by optimizing geo-targeted searches, conducting link building for the local market, ensuring NAP consistency, and optimizing social media to gain an edge over competitors.

Technical SEO

Leveraging our years of experience and expertise in technical SEO, our team of experts helps you establish a robust digital presence with our effective technical SEO and digital marketing services. We increase your website’s visibility by ensuring smooth search engine crawling throughout your web portal. Our team of technical SEO conduct a thorough analysis of your website and check for crawl error and HTTPS status codes to optimize site speed and smooth navigation.

Link Building

As a credible and reliable SEO agency in Mumbai, we at Savit Interactive are preferred for effectively implementing result-driven strategies. To help your business rank on top of your competitors, we integrate the best and most effective link-building systems, including backlinking, guest blogging, article posting, and influencer communications across high authority websites to drive increased traffic and build trust among the audience. Our proven strategies and profound approach to link building through data distribution include sponsored, paid, unique, and compelling content committed to increasing engagement and establishing your brand as the most reliable among the competitors.

Video Production

With digitalization at its peak, video format media increases the strength of the campaign and helps with on-point storytelling from the brand's perspective. Video marketing is an impactful marketing strategy that drives engagement with interactive and compelling content. Making video content with SEO-optimized keywords, tags, content, top-notch script writing, and the best visuals, we help you capture your audience's attention and create a buzz among the online community.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Digital marketing is all about optimizing web portals for conversions. Where driving visitors marks up for half the journey, it becomes essential to encourage the visitor and make them take action. Our conversion rate optimization services assure you of increased actions by your visitors by optimizing the sales funnel and making the website user-friendly, highly responsive, and clutter-free for smooth navigation and better conversion.

Web Design and Development

With top-notch web design and development services, we aim to serve you with the best web portal for your brand's digital wing. Integrating the best strategies and developing mobile-friendly responsive websites, we create visually compelling layouts that encourage your audience to engage and take action. Our web designers pay attention to details and build custom websites that speak value for your label and connect with your target audience in a user-friendly manner.

Social Media Optimization and Marketing

It is no secret that social media is taking over the digital world by storm, and to win an edge over competitors, it becomes crucial to set a strong foot in the market with robust social media optimization and marketing. Assuring mass reach, market expansion, and increased social media engagement, our social media experts develop strategies that help drive desired results. As an internet marketing agency, we help you with identifying your goals and analyzing competition along with thoroughly studying consumer behavior to develop a custom social media plan that speaks value for your brand and is tailored to fit your business, and helps with achieving the marketing goals, including exposure and reach.

Pay Per Click Management

Our PPC specialists ensure goal-driven campaigns and enhanced reach among the target audience. Our team of professionals creates targeted campaigns with optimized ad copies, implements effective strategies, promotes your brand for traffic, and leads by a quick and efficient approach to reaching the target audience and increasing the ROI.

Content Marketing

Content is the king and will remain the most crucial element of digital marketing. However, it is rightly said that if the content is the king, then engagement is the queen and the ultimate goal of content marketing is to engage its audience in the best way possible. Using the best strategies to create buzz among the audience and lay a strong foundation for other aspects of digital marketing, we ensure top-quality, compelling content for content marketing that speaks value for your brand. Intending to increase engagement and connect your audience with copies, images, videos, etc., we put forth relatable content that your audience can connect and resonate with in one go and help drive effective content marketing results.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online success depends on the review and responses from your audience, customer, and target group. Thus, it becomes crucial to have a professional team for Online reputation management by your side and ensure valuable reviews for your brand. Catering with ORM as a reliable internet marketing service, we at Savit Interactive strive to improve your online reviews, monitor responses, and streamline the ORM practices to reap positive responses from the audience.

ECommerce Marketing

Our internet marketing company offers robust and effective eCommerce marketing services, including campaigns, market set-up, page optimization, sales funnel, etc. Since the eCommerce industry is flourishing significantly, it provides an opportunity to establish a marketplace and drive traffic. We at Savit Interactive optimize product pages, generate product reviews, target campaigns, and personalize market strategies that help your business with better results.

Email Marketing

It is no secret that Email has taken over as a crucial communication channel and has also emerged as one of the most effective digital marketing mediums. Partner with Savit Interactive and streamline an effective email marketing campaign to impress and engage your audience and encourage them to take the desired action. We create email marketing strategies that help build subscriber lists, test email campaigns, and use compelling email copies with newsletters and emailers that generate buzz among your audience.

ECommerce Web Design

We understand the importance of a responsive eCommerce platform and how it helps with increasing sales and revenue. Thus, to ensure a robust eCommerce web design that drives your audience’s attention and encourages them to take the desired action, our expert developers design a comprehensive layout that provides a better user experience. To help you win over your competitor and reduce the cart abandon rate, we integrate the best strategies that promote smooth navigation, effortless action, and a user-friendly interface.

Web Hosting

As an essential aspect of a website, web hosting plays a prominent role in determining the site’s efficiency. As a reliable and trustworthy digital marketing services company, we provide secure and credible web hosting services that enhance your website experience. With system backup, data restoration, network monitoring, malware scanning and removal, data management, distribution denial of service-DDoS prevention, and a free SSL certificate, our services, including unlimited bandwidth, help you with thorough site security and web hosting management.

The need for Digital Marketing
Services for your business

With the onset of the digital world, big or small brands have realized the importance of being recognized in the competition prevailing in the digital market. The online world is much more than just having an active website or social media platforms; it goes way beyond using the various internet marketing services that help brands compete and get an edge over competitors’ brands in the market.

These internet marketing services aid your brand to become visible to the right audience at the right time, establish authority across the global market and pave the way towards brand establishment with a strong foot in the competitive world. The benefit of these marketing services is the broad scope that comes along and the opportunity to unleash the true potential of business digitally with a cost and time-effective approach compared to the traditional ways of marketing that yielded results comparatively slow. No matter how small the business is or how long it has been in the market, the results that these services can deliver have to be considered and used in the best possible way for further growth and expansion of the business.

  • Increases visibility
  • Establishes brand authority
  • Builds reputation digitally
  • Improves search engine ranking
  • Global and mass reach
  • Effective targeting of campaigns
  • Boosts engagement
  • Time and Cost-effective
  • Gain good returns on Investment
  • Track the progress of your campaigns
  • Connect with your audience directly

Let our Digital Marketing Services Accelerates
your Business Growth and Expansion

Compared to the customer base available locally or physically, the scope brands have online is much broader, which can help businesses grow and expand in the right direction. Online marketing allows brands to measure, track, and compare their spending and returns, which is challenging with traditional marketing methods. With an endless scope, these internet marketing services make it easier for brands to achieve their business goals irrespective of the target audience's location or search timings, as these services make it possible to advertise your brand beyond Boundaries and time zones with geo-targeting. Offering an opportunity to expand the target base by encouraging the visitor to engage and take action with the most appropriate strategy enticing them to make a purchase, digital marketing reaps results with every visit to the website or performs any other desired action intended. To rank on the top of your competitors, perform with total efficiency and lead as a market leader has become possible with efficient and prominent internet marketing services.

Here’s why you should
choose Savit Interactive as your
Digital Marketing Partner

Savit Interactive, the foremost digital marketing agency in Mumbai, caters to holistic digital marketing solutions for business growth and expansion. We believe in building strategies that drive 100% results, and thus, committed to delivering the best quality, we make consistent efforts and help businesses increase their conversion rates, sales and revenue. Our primary focus is market expansion and sustainability for our clients this; we work with total commitment to helping you achieve your marketing objectives and write your brand’s success story.

  • Experienced team with digital marketing industry experts
  • Goal-oriented strategies with result-driven implementation
  • 360-degree marketing approach
  • Tailored plan to fit the nature of your business
  • Evaluation and monitoring for timely analysis
  • Top-notch services at competitive rates

As an award-winning digital marketing agency in India, we have worked with several brands, from small-scale start-ups to MNCs, and helped them achieve their marketing objectives. Digital marketing is the need of the hour, and every brand needs to make optimum use of the internet marketing service for the business to sustain and expand amid the fierce competition. Join hands with Savit Interactive for digital marketing services, and let's work towards paving your brand towards growth, expansion, and success!

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Digital marketing services fall under the scope of using the internet to promote or advertise your brand with the help of search engines, social media platforms, websites, apps, emails, etc. These services are intended to connect the brand with its target group across the globe with the help of the internet and the optimization of its handles across search engines.

Digital marketing agencies offer a variety of services to their clients for them to be established in the competitive market of the digital world. These services include running and managing ad campaigns, content marketing, PPC, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email outreach, remarketing, website strategy, etc.

Brands, irrespective of their size and nature, must have an active digital presence and strong recognition in the online world. As it is essential for the brand to sustain and stay afloat, effective digital marketing services help your brand with achieving an upper hand over the competitors. With a well-planned and strategized use of Internet marketing services, a brand can achieve its goals in no time, which in turn helps bring in profits by generating considerable revenue.

With digital marketing being a more targeted, measurable, and time-efficient method as compared to the traditional methods that use print or broadcast methods to target only a limited group of audience, digital marketing is cost-effective and proves to be beneficial in many aspects. Using ideal marketing tools for businesses that best suit nature, with digital marketing, it becomes possible to expand the limit and efficiently use the budget.

Digital marketing services are generally cost effective, given the company you are partnering with is reliable and credible, like Savit Interactive. The cost may vary given the nature of the business and tailor-made strategies for effective implementation. Get in touch with us and get your digital marketing plan accustomed to our experts and digital marketing professionals.