Content is King and Technique is Queen

If somebody asks me to name the current internet meme in the world of website marketing, I would definitely say "Content Is King"! Royalty has always fascinated us. So even in this age of democracy we like to call the content "king" considering its importance. But can you imagine a king without the queen? Or do you really think that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has no place under the sun and internet marketing is already dead?

There is hardly any doubt about the fact that content is the most important aspect of any website. People might appreciate the design or the graphics, but ultimately they will come back for the content only and not for its looks. SEO techniques will drive people to your website, but the site should be able to hold them back. There is no point in promoting a website that offers no services or serves no purpose.

This explains the success of a minimalist yet content heavy website like wikipedia. But we must not forget that Encyclopedia Britannica, the original bachelor king of content, once called wikipedia a public toilet (because you don't know who used it last)! With a track record of more than two centuries, they failed to see the change that was looming large on the horizon. So despite their deliberate parsimony in graphics, the very concept of user generated website content was a new technical innovation and that's what made wikipedia a success

Ultimately we have to get people to visit the website. We can't simply mail people indiscriminately as nowadays spam laden inboxes have become more irritating than the crazy frog itself. So it is necessary to make people discover the site naturally. That is why SEO techniques are still relevant and content alone can't save your day. Dynamic website design is also necessary as attractive websites do have a lasting impact on the consumer psyche despite the naysayers.

As we know, there are many SEO techniques that get your site higher search engines rankings. You have to work on the keywords, modify various tags and also build links to your website from other popular sites. All these are tried and tested measures of increasing your Google PageRank as well as Alexa rank. You can also work on the Meta data in your source code. It remains invisible in the website, but is detected by the search engines and hence is important in any Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign.

Making the content of a site adequately optimized is no child's play. It takes meticulous observation and implementation for proper selection and strategic keyword placement among the contents. There has to be a fine balance in the number of keywords. They shouldn't be too sparse so as to be too ineffective, nor should they be overstuffed attracting penalties from search engines.

We should also note that google has made a fortune out of AdWords. Such pay per click (PPC) advertisements did not grow out of thin air. They are filling up the void in traditional media with the use of web 2.0 technology. Moreover online marketing is minimally invasive as opposed to traditional TVCs or radio ads. Growing volumes of such ads are telling us that ultimately everyone is actively pursuing the clients despite having their "King" in place.

So this brings us to the conclusion that content can't alone survive the race in this cut throat world of internet marketing without the right technique. A symbiotic relationship exists between the two. That is why people spend a lot of time finding ways to promote their website or optimizing its content. Hence CONTENT IS KING AND TECHNIQUE IS QUEEN.
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Content Is King and Technique Is Queen
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