6 Successful SEO Case Studies that Generated Visited/Traffic

A case study in SEO is the best way to gain more information and conduct proper search engine optimization. Rather than referring to various written materials and applying the best tips to your website, it is better to review and study what other successful websites have done and then implement their best practices on your website. 

In this blog, we discuss the top SEO case studies that successfully generated more organic traffic towards their website.

1.  Backlinko

Backlinko was able to increase its organic website traffic by almost 600% in 7 days. Let us see how they did it.

The Backlinko blog very quickly became an important place to learn the ethics of SEO services. The blog of the SEO company has a variety of case studies which allows it to garner more views and readers from across the globe. What the blog implemented was the skyscraper technique which means:

6 Successful SEO Case Studies















  • Find out the intent of the user :

You could use Google or other search engines to understand the type of information most searched for by the users, such as navigational, informational, transactional, and commercial. Understanding the intent helps you create the correct type of content that will have a more comprehensive outreach.

  • Satisfy the intention of the user :

When you create content, you need to ensure that it satisfies or meets the purpose of the users. This means that your content needs to fulfill the intent of the users or your target audience.
You could apply this strategy to the new blog posts you are creating or planning to create. You could also use this strategy to improve your existing content and make it more relevant to the users.

  • Optimize content for the UX signals :

Your content needs to be optimized to reduce the bounce rate and maximize the organic CTR, effectively using SEO services and dwell time. This will ensure that visitors spend more time on the content than bounce back to other competitor content. For instance, with the videos you create, add short intros, table of contents, give proper headings and add short examples.

2.  Gotch SEO

Gotch SEO is another blog that created a page that started a conversation rate of almost 74%. The blog is another goldmine of advice on  SEO services. The site has some of the best case studies, but one, in particular, is a favourite. Why?

Simply because the conversion rate of 74.5% is entirely unheard of, as usually 12 percent was considered as a good enough achievement by an SEO company, here is how the blog managed to do it with the squeeze page.

  • Warm-up your online visitors with good quality content before directing them towards the squeeze page.
  • Utilise ad retargeting to try to attract the users who ignored the website during the first visit.
  • Offer a bribe or a lead magnet to the users for their information.
  • Set up your landing page to be simple and free of distractions.
  • Add user benefit-based headlines that create interest and desire among the readers.
  • Ask for information that is necessary and be direct in your approach.
  • Customise call to action buttons that fit into the lead magnet.
  • Include the trust signals like the company logo and disclaimer about the compliance.

By implementing these tips, you could also generate a great conversion rate out of your websites.

3. Robbie Richards

Robbie Richards is an expert in online marketing who frequently shares excellent advice on online marketing. He created a unique 6-step process that generated more than 110,000 visits to a client website. Hers is a fantastic finding of the case study.

  • Conduct keyword research to find out evergreen topics, related keywords, keyword opportunities, and questions.
  • Conduct top-quality detailed competitive analysis to understand the factors that can rank you among the top 5 search results within the 3 to 6 months.
  • Generate top-quality content for the selected topic. You could use the skyscraper technique mentioned above. Make sure to use all the on-page optimization resources, including image optimization and site speed.
  • Create lead management and utilise it to gather email subscribers.
  • Actively promote the content on various channels, such as Quora, social media, and forums.
  • Create backlinks via reverse engineering the profiles of your competitors. Take advantage of the round-ups, link gaps, and the resource pages of the competitors.
  • Rinse the process and repeat it again.

In essence, it boils down to doing an effective SEO and paying attention to the details to gain better viewership.

4. Bloggers Passion

How much time does a new keyword take to rank among the first search results on Google? The answer is – 52 days. Here is a case study on one of the posts on Bloggers Passion, which generated more than 5000 visits within 3 months and ranked almost 70 keywords on the first page of Google. Here are the findings of the case study by the best digital marketing company in Pune.

  • Conduct keyword research with a specific focus on long-tail keywords. Select a keyword with more than 1000 searches per month and select appropriate secondary keywords as well. Include the keywords at the right places in the content.
  • Create long-form content or write long blog posts—for instance, almost 4000 words, as in the case study.
  • Build effective backlinks via naturally engaging content, guest posting, commenting, and outreach activity.

In essence, you need to research to rank well on Google search. Moreover, create engaging content that is useful for online visitors, seek to solve the issues or queries of your audience. This will help you gain more visitors to your website.

5. WordStream

The WordStream site provides tools to improve online marketing and focuses on PPC advertising. It also posts excellent quality content. One particular post went from almost 25,000 visitors per month to practically 110,000 visitors per month with the help of content optimization.

Here are the findings from the case study by an SEO company in Pune:

  • Conduct a thorough audit of the content. Find out the posts with immense potential and repost or revamp them along with the content.
  • Conduct keyword research regarding the entire article. Create a targeted group of keywords.
  • Focus on adding value to the content and optimize it regularly.
  • Revisit your old content, add anchor tags and internal links that are optimized.


The case study about this blog mainly discusses the tips to dominate local searches with the example of a local Taxi services company. Here are the findings of the case study by an SEO company in Pune.

  • Improve the layout and website structure, and focus more on the services. Include the name of the city on the service page.
  • Create meaningful and helpful content. Plan your future content.
  • Optimize your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number). Map your position on Google maps.

Overall, you need first to understand the client’s needs and then make your decisions. 

These successful case study examples greatly identify the need for creating top-quality content and applying effective SEO techniques to get more organic visitors to the website. If you want to find the best digital marketing company in Pune, you must visit SAVIT Interactive today.

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